Jhatkaa.org launches an online interactive #BangaloreIsBurning map

Jhatkaa.org’s #BangaloreIsBurning campaign was launched on May 16 in order to put a spotlight on the issue of open garbage burning and urge the BBMP to end this dangerous practice. The online petition can be found at https://jhatkaa.org/bangaloreisburning/.

“Over the last one month we have hosted a series of events and digital actions as part of the campaign. We also started a crowdsourcing campaign whereby we asked the people of Bangalore to send us photos of open garbage burning from their daily lives on Whatsapp.” says Divya, campaigner at Jhatkaa.org.

In recent months and years we’ve seen garbage burning skyrocket, adding to Bangalore’s toxic air pollution and contributing to various lung diseases (from asthma to cancer). Open burning of garbage is illegal. If the citizens of Bangalore help in reporting instances of violations we can collectively pressure the BBMP to take action to end this dangerous practice.

“We received over 230 images of garbage burning violations across Bangalore. These photos came from 42 wards in the city. And interestingly, the area with the highest number of reports was Indiranagar” adds Divya.

“The idea behind the map was to show the BBMP, the media and citizens of Bangalore just how rampant the issue is and where the hotspots are.” she says.

The map can be found at : https://jhatkaa.org/bangaloreisburningmap/

People can contribute to the map by sending us photos with the location via Whatsapp on 7676 022 555

About Jhatkaa.org:

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