Viewing Calendar Entries in DSCC eLearn

  1. After signing into your online class, select the Calendar drop down on the top right of the course homepage. Then select go to Calendar.

Calendar 1-2.PNG

  1. The Calendar window will open, here you can view an upcoming event, change calendar views, and manage the task list.

Calendar window 2-3.PNG

  1. To change calendar views, select the view from the top of the calendar.

Calendar views 3-4.PNG

  1. To Search for an event, you must know the exact title of the event. Type the title of the event in the search box (above the task list) and select the Search button.

Search events 4-5.PNG

  1. You may also add tasks to the Task list. To add a task to the Task List, start typing the title of the task in the Add a taskā€¦ text box. When you have finished typing the title, press The Enter key on your keyboard and the New task will appear in your Task List.

Tasks 5-6.PNG

  1. You may set a due date or add details to a task by selecting the right arrow next to the View task to open the task details.
  2. To set a due date, click Due someday to open the calendar and pick a due date, then select the Save

button; if you want to remove a due date, select the X. You may also delete a task by selecting the trash icon next to the task.

Due Date 7-8.PNG

  1. To mark a task complete, select the checkbox next to the task title in either Details view or in the Task List. This will move the task to the completed list. You may view completed tasks by selecting the View Completed link at the bottom of the Task List.

Completed 8+.PNG