Scene 1

All Judges: Hello! Welcome to The Voice!!!

Rachel: Today, we have a special show!  Two groups who will sing Jewish music!

Croud: *Cheers loudly*

Dylan: I wonder what we are gonna hear today.

Rachel: Shhhh

First group: *Sings Dayenu*

Grace: Oh my gosh this is really good! *attempts to push button*

David: Yeshhhhh! *looks at button*

Rachel: Wow!

Dylan: hmmm *presses button*

Crowd: *Cheers*

Grace: You know what Alicia?

Rachel: What? You’ve finally figured out how stupid you are?

Grace:*rolls eyes and presses button*

Croud: *Cheers*

Rachel: *Presses button*

Croud: *Cheers even louder*

First Group: *Song is about to end*

First group: *ends*

David: *Presses button right away*

Croud: *Cheers*

First Group: *smiles*

Rachel: Wow, you sounded absolutely beautiful!

Jacob: Thank you!

Rachel: Listen, you wanna be with me. I will teach you much better than these other judges, especially Delta.

Grace: He-

Rachel: Hush!

Grace: I will rebel!

Rachel: Hush slave no you won’t.

Grace: Yes I will! *tackles Alicia*

Rachel: *totally beats Delta*

Dylan: Guys stop! See, they’re not fit to be your coach! They’ll just fight the whole time!

David: No choose me I’m older and wiser *makes really weird smile*

First Group: *everyone looks at each other with a worried look*

Allison: We choose…

All Judges: *has worried facial expression*


Rachel: Um what? *smiles*

Mrs. A: Uh we choose Ad-

Rachel: WHAT?! *eye twitches*

Rachel: *tosses and kicks everything*

Dylan: And we’ll be back after this short message!

*Weird perfume commercial*

Second Group: *starts to sing Mi Chamocha*

Grace: So Dylan for your awesome party we can have fireworks and celebrities!

Rachel: DE-lta, how about we just drop it.

Grace: Ooh we can have-

Rachel: I SAID DROP IT!!!


Dylan: Maybe we should stop talking and listen to the group…

Second Group: *continues to sing*

David: *presses button*

Croud: *cheers*

Rachel: Did he even like them?

Grace: Probably not…

Grace: But they’re really good also! *presses button*

Croud: *cheers*

Dylan: This is good! *presses button*

Croud: *cheers*

Rachel: Eh whatever *presses button*

Croud: *cheers*

Second Group: *continues to sing*

Second Group: *finishes singing*

Rachel: THAT WAS SO GOOD! I’m gonna give you an offer you can’t refuse.

Maya: Hmm… what is it?

Rachel: I will be the best singing coach ever! I will make sure you perfect every line in no time!

Grace: I KNOW I will be better because I probably will teach you faster and I’m gonna make your song sound genuine and from the heart.

David: I think you should be with.

Rachel: Be with who?

David: What?

Rachel: You were just saying- whatever.

Grace: I’m serious, I will work endlessly until you feel comfortable with how you sound and your voice is perfect.

Brooke: Wow I am completely positive who I want!

Rachel: *flips hair*

Brooke: Delta! *smiles*

Rachel: OK I AM DONE GOODBYE! *tries to kick something but then falls*

Dylan: Well that’s our show! Thank you so much for tuning in, see you next time!

Grace, Dylan, and David: *smiles and waves*

Rachel: *screams in backround*