Hardyston School District

183 Wheatsworth Road

Hamburg, NJ  07419

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August 1, 2018

Dear Parents,

The school district needs to remind all students, parents and guardians that sporting equipment and musical instruments may not be brought on the school bus unless it fits in the child's backpack. Parents will have to arrange to transport these items.

The district recognizes the inconvenience; but would like to remind all parents, guardians, students

and staff this is for safety in the transport to and from school. Students need to navigate the aisles with the aisles clear of obstruction(s).  Students are also reminded to wear their seatbelt while on the school bus.

If any parent needs further arrangements please contact the main offices of the school and we will continue to work with you.



Robert J. Demeter

Hardyston Middle School


(973)823-7000 ext.1040