media alchemist / multidisciplinary composer-performer-improviser / scenographer

interaction designer / artist-researcher / gesture bender / audiovisual sculptor

Performances | Interactive Scenographies (selected)

TranSenses, Interactive Dance, duo co-creation @ Japan Society, NY

                                                                            @ Tangente, Montreal

Jan 2017

April 2017

Movements by Akiko Kitamura morph under the audiovisual architecture of media alchemist Navid Navab.

Folds, Interactive Dance Performance @  La Rotone Festival, Theatre Meduse, Quebec City

Jan 2016

Responsive audiovisual compositions and interactive scenography (Navid Navab) + Katia Marie (Choreography)

Practices of Everyday Life | Cooking  [full length premiere], Culinary Concert @ MNM Festival

                                                                  [world premiere] @ Ars Electronica, Linz

                                                                  World Tour: Slovenia/Milan/Vancouver/etc.

March 2105

Sept 2016


A synaesthetic performance orchestrated around a chef, an enchanted kitchenette, and sonified ingredients.

S T E E R [full length edition], Interactive Dance @ CINARS Biennale

Nov 2014

w/ William Young. Interplay of sound, and light drives movement, responding to a solo dancer. The performance establishes a bridge to a dreamlike state and manifests the hidden world of thought into reality.

Movements ManiFest, Interactive Dance and Gestural Sound @ Encuentro Festival 

June 2014

An improv-based performance inside an interactive scenography at the activism and performance arts Festival. Roger Sinha (Movement), Navid Navab (Sound and Interactive Scenography)

Foldings, Interactive Scenography / performance @ Jeanne-Renaud Theatre, Montreal

Oct 2013

w/ Lenka Novak. Mythical and illusive visu-sonic landscapes coming to life and accumulating memory under improvised and choreographed gestures.

STEER, Interactive Theatre @ Betty Oliphant Theatre for dance: made in canada Festival , Toronto

Aug 2013

w/ William Young. Interplay of sound, and light drives movement, responding to a solo dancer. The performance establishes a bridge to a dreamlike state and manifests the hidden world of thought into reality.

Beneath the pavement, an ocean, Interactive Contemporary Dance @ Hexagram Theatre, Montreal

May 2013

w/ choreographer Teoma Naccarato. A contemporary dance quartet created in an responsive soundscape exploring how conditioned spaces both intensify and transform embodied awareness.

Frankenstein’s Ghosts;  Performance, Interactive Theatre @ DB Clack Theatre, Montreal

June 2011

        w/ Jerome Delapierre, Michael Montanaro, and the Blue Rider Ensemble

River of Poetry; Performance @ La Grande bibliotheque de Montreal

March 2011

Seven poets reading full poems, accompanied by projections and a live immersive sound environment.

Interstitial II; Performance/Installation @ Synchresis Exhibition, Eastern Bloc, Montreal

March 2010

An installation and improvisational performance piece for an interactive screen, a dancing body, and realtime responsive media..

Journey Within; Performance-art / Concert / Interactive Scenography @ L’envers, Montreal

April 2010

A piece focusing on natural rhythms of everyday life, and deconstructing the standardized modalities of eating.

Interstitial; Interactive Screen  / Performance @ TJ Contemporary Dance Theater, Montreal

June 2008

Gemeni II: Dance Performance @ TJ Contemporary Dance Theater, Montreal

June 2008

Gemini II is a dance performance with responsive media choreographed by Soo Yeon Cho. Responsive sound driven mostly by contact microphones on stage passively accent the performance.

Gestures and Responsive Media, Performance,  Mixology Festival @ Roulette NYC

May 2009

A performative experiment about gesture and collective intentionality.

Installations | Responsive Environments (selected)

tangibleFlux φ plenumorphic ∴ chaosmosis, exhibition @ Ars Electronica, Linz

                                                                @ Museum of Cnntemporary Art, Zagreb

World premiere of three kinetic-haptic sound/light sculptures / tabletop cosmoologies

Sept 2018

Oct 2018 - Jan 2019

Gardens of Enchantment, responsive membrane @ public, Goethe Institut, Montreal

Feb-April 2017

AQUAPHONEIA, installation @ alchemists of our time exhibition, Ars Electronica, Linz

                                                                                                          NEMO Biennale, Paris

                                                                         Solo exhibition @ Kapelica Gallery, Slovenia

World tour

Sept 2016

2017- 2018

Winter 2019


THREADS 0.2, Kinetic Sound Sculpture @ CURRENTS festival, El Museo Cultural de Santa Fe

June 2015

Practices of Everyday Life | Mixology, Performative Intervention @ Agora, Montreal

May 2015

for augmented cocktail shakers, responsive sound, light sync, bartender, enchanted bar, and pedestrian audience. Navab’s gestural-sonic compositions fuse with his unorthodox craft mixology to give birth to an array of synaesthetic cocktails, which will invite you to shake, drink and mix up a multitude of senses.

Pool of Sound, Responsive Sound Installation @ Lawndale Art Center, Houston

May 2015

Decay 崩壊 2.0, Sound Installation @ Montreal/New Music Festival, chapelle historique du bon pasteur

March 2015

Decay 崩壊 is an interactive sound installation/performance first conceived spontaneously in March 2011 for the ”手向け Tamuke” Solidarity with Japan event. . In 2015, the installation was redesigned by Navab for a trio of musicians to interpret in short preludes throughout an evening long concert.

F O L D, Performative Environment, w/ Lenka Novak  @ Agora, Montreal

Nov 2014

Powerful optical architectures, compositions of structure borne sound, and the aesthetics of chiaroscuro image, merge to envelope the spectator in the performative, and cinematic experience of self and the other.

THREADS, Kinetic Sound Sculpture @ Biennale Internationale D’Art Numerique, Centre Phi

May 2014

w/ Oana Suteu. An interactive installation that dwells with the mnemonic dimension of the written word and puts under the magnifying glass the acts of reading and writing in an intricate play of sensorial relations.

Printemps Numérique, Immersive Sound Installation @ Museum of Contemporary Arts, Montreal

Mar 2014

Immersive gestural sound composition and in situ installation for the opening of Printemps Numerique at the main foyer of Musée d'art contemporain de Montréal

Einstein’s Dream, Installation / Responsive Environment @ Hexagram Black Box , Montreal

Mar-Apr 2013

Time conditioning installations:  zones in which objects and fields of lighting, sound, and video change in concert with the inhabitants’ movement create powerfully alternative senses of time, rhythm and pattern.

Suspended Narratives, Nuit Blanche Interactive, Shadow Puppetry @ McCord Museum

March 2013

A night of interactive shadow puppetry and responsive sonic compositions. w/ Mere Phantoms

Les persiennes et les sortilèges, Nuit Blanche, Interactive Membrane  @ Goethe Institut, Montreal

March 2013

A seductive, beguiling interactive work veiling and unveiling perceptions.

Hirsch, multiple site specific sound installations @ Museum of Fine Arts, Houston

April 2014

w/ Lina Dib

Time-Machines, Sound/Time Conditioning Exhibit @ Gray Center for Arts, Chicago

Nov 2013

A series of time conditioning responsive installations, kinetic sculptures and complementary performances.

Murmuration, Multiple Site Specific Sound Installation @ Lawndale Art Center, Houston, Texas

Sep 2013

w/ Lina Dib. Making the mundane whimsical and otherworldly, the installation creates a dynamic sonic postcard, orchestrated by the up and down movements of the visitors.

Decay 手向け TAMUKE; Installation/Performance @ La Société des arts technologiques [SAT

April 2011

An immediate response to the triple catastrophe that hit Japan, the installation evolves via alchemical transformations of sound, light and image in an ecology of substances.

Wang FNO; Interactive Installation at the Alexander Wang Fashion Store @ FNO 2011, New York City

Aug 2011

Constellation2.2; Responsive Architecture @ Festival du Nouveau Cinema, Montreal

Constellation2.1; Responsive Architecture @ Timisoara Festival at D’arc terrace, Romania

Constellation 2.0; Responsive Architecture @ Electric Eclectics Festival, Meaford, Ontario

Oct 2010

May 2010

Aug 2009

A responsive environment, expressed through sound, light and movement in the form of architecture.

cAvA; Interactive Exhibition @ les territoires gallery, Belgo (selected), Touring Exhibition

Dec 2009

Augmented photography, real-time media, and movement mingle together to present a performative organism.

Responsive Sunlight for CCA 20th / Portes Ouvertes Design @ Canadian Centre for Architecture

May 2009

A sound/light installation was created to mimic the sunlight of 20 hours. The event took place over 20 hours and attracted 4500 visitors to the historical Shaugnessy House.

BUBBLEpop,  Interactive Public Installation @ Guy public metro entrance, Montreal

March 2009

The floor of a public space is covered with augmented sheets of bubble-wrap that people are invited to walk over, popping bubbles and transforming the surrounding environment.

Enactive Walkway Responsive architecture @ 8th Exposed Exhibition (selected), Montreal


A responsive installation that examines the intersection of cognition, embodiment and human experience. 

New Music | Sound | Machine-Improvisation (selected performances)

selected concerts with responsive media

NO HAY BANDA, Suoni Per Il Popolo, at La Sala Rossa, Montreal

Nov 2019

Navid Navab (homemade gestural sound instruments), Maya Kuroki (extended vocals) and Rainer Wiens (Mbiras).

Morgenland Festival Osnabrück, Germany

June 2019

With Constantinople Ensemble

Mystery of the Wings, Festival International de Musique Actuelle de Victoriaville,  QC

June 2019

With Rainer Weins, Jean Derome, Lori Freedman, etc

Drip, Velours,  montreal

August 2018

Solo concert for fluids and sonified plants


Improv Concert, Resonance, montreal

August 2017

Lori Freedman / Navid Navab / Felix Del Tredici / Diego Kohn


I will see this strange city again, various Maison de la Culture of Montreal and surroundings

Winter 2017

A cross between improvisational, written and electronic music, this concert paints an aural portrait of Montreal.

Navid Navab (live electronics and composition), Didem Başar (kanun), Nicolas Caloia (contrebasse), Gabriel Dharmoo (voice), Shawn Mativetsky (tabla), Guy Pelletier (flutes), Kiya Tabassian (setar), Sandeep Bhagwati (mise-en-music)                                           

Transcultural Exchange, Goethe-Institut, Boston

Feb 2015


I will see this strange city again, LaVivier concert series @ Gesù Theatre, Montreal

Sep 2015

Time’s attach on the rest of life, 100 Years of Now Festival @ HKW Hause der Kultern dr Welt, Berlin

Sep 2015

Improvisations, 100 Years of Now Festival @ studiobörne45, Berlin

Sep 2015


Eternal Archives, av concert with Peter Putz @ TML, Montreal

May 2015

gLitch, Concert, What Next Festival @ Canadian Music Centre, Toronto

May 2015

gRain, Invisible Orchestra Concert Series @ Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra

May 2015

Compositions for a 10 000 sq ft space in an old cotton factory.

SNEEZE, Improvisation in responsive environment @ TML, Montreal

Nov 2014

 Navid Navab (real-time sound Instruments) and Felix Del Tredici (Trombone), Alex KS (Bass) a night of improvised hallucinations within TML's responsive ecology. Standing upon nothing and going nowhere at all, we will drip, drift, clash, clang, sweep, swish, expand, sneeze and fall into the warmth of a winter's night.

Musiikin Aika: Machine-Improv Concert @ Musiikin Aika Festival, Viitasaari Church, Finland

July 2014

Concert at the Time of Music Festival: Felix Deletrici (Trombone), Navid Navab (Computer Music)

Improvising Machine Systems, Experimental Concert, World Premier @ Suoni Per il Popolo Festival

June 2014

Three world leading machine-improv systems performing together in a large scale world premiere concert as part of the Frontiers of Sound Art program at Popolo Festival featuring: George Lewis, Navid Navab, Michael Young.

Concerto for Enchanted Sticks and Ensemble, Contemporary Music,  Stratford Hall, Windsor

March 2014

Two audience members play a game of sticks (augmented via  audio-mosaicing  into real-time sound instruments) as the Noiseborder Ensemble walks about the space and response back.

Signale, Machine-Improvisation, Concert @ Ligeti Hall at MUMUTH, Graz, Austria

April 2013

Real-time interactive sound instruments within a 32chnl 3d sound environment with Trombonist Mike Svoboda and composer Sandeep Bhagwati.

Mardi Spaghetti Presents, Improvisation @ Le Cagibi, Montreal

Dec 2012

 Navid Navab (Real-time Sound Instruments), Coat Cooke (Sax), Rainer Weins (Prepared Mbira)

Mardi Spaghetti Presents, Improvisation @ Le Cagibi, Montreal

June 2012

 Navid Navab (Real-time Sound Instruments), Lan Tung (Erhu), Lucio Menegon (e-Guitar)

ImproTech Paris-New York, Concert @ Prentis Hall, New York City

May 2012

Lori Freedman (Bass Clarinet), Navid Navab (Computer Music), Sandeep Bhagwatti (Comprovisation)

Circle of Sleep; Performance/Music @ The Western Front, Vancouver

Jan 2012

A debut all night concert featuring four of Navab's compositions as well as three improv performances.

Alien Lands; Performance @ Agora, Festival international Montréal/Nouvelles Musiques:5e


Real-time sound and spatialization for a collaborative contemporary music concert with the Bozzini Quartet, “Bye Bye Butterfly” percussion quartet, and Sandeep Bhagwati.

Hybridization II; Performance @ Festival du Nouveau Cinema, Agora du Cour des Science, Montreal

Oct 2010

Jean Derome (saxophone, etc.) + Pierre Tanguay (drums, etc.) + Jean-Philippe Collard-Neven (piano) + Navid Navab (real-time sound instruments) + Jérôme Delapierre (visual manipulations). 

Comedy and other (Selected)

Doodool, Stand Up Comedy Sketch @ Slut Island Festival

July 2017

Practices of Everyday Life | Podium, Interactive Comedic Performance @ ACFAS Congress, UNESCO

April 2014

A stand up comedy sketch and musical performance on the theme of mic check and podiums.

Large Scale Collaborative MultiMedia Projects (Selected)

The Project, Installation / Alternate Reality @ Gray Center for Arts, Chicago

April 2013

An experimental Alternate Reality event that combines transmedia storytelling, performative, magical portals, and site-specific events unfolding in Chicago over the course of these three and a half weeks.

ILYA; Responsive Membrane @ Transitions: CCRMA outdoor Concert, San Francisco

Sep 2010

Responsive sound installation and interaction design for Sha Xin Wei’s alchemical membrane installation.

Pneus, Kinetic Sculpture for Champ Libre 2008 @ MONOPOLI Architecture Gallery, Montreal

Pneus, Responsive Architecture @ E-Arts, Shanghai

Sep 2008

Nov 2008

W/ Eski and Patrick harrop. Real-time responsive sound installation and interaction design for Pneus at Forest (8th MANIFESTATION INTERNATIONALE of CHAMP LIBRE) and Shanghai E-Arts Festival.

Compositions (selected published music compositions and sessions)

Residencies (Selected)

Publications, Peer-reviewed | International Conference Proceedings

Publications | Articles & Reviews (selected)

Presentations | International Symposia and Colloquiums

Keynotes, Invited Artist Talks, Panels and Workshops (selected)

Research-Creation and Interests        

Professional Experience (selected)

Associate Director

Topological Media Lab

Sonic Interaction Design, Material Computation, Enchanted Matter. Investigation of embodiment, performance, material poetry and music within the context of live events in responsive environments.

Montreal, 2015 - present

Research Lead, Sonification of Biomedical Data

TUM - Technische Universität München, and

Johns Hopkins Whiting School of Engineering

At the laboratory for Computer Aided Medical Procedures at two universities.

Munich / Baltimore, 2016 - Present

Design Lead / Inventor, Sound and Interaction

Intel | Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design

Commission to design gesturally sensitive sounding paper for an Intel design project at CIID. A printed object, with embedded gestural sound soft circuitry, in which the content of pages are heard, not read.

Copenhagen, Summer 2014

Co-director  Ubiquitous Media Productions

Alkemie Inc.

Co-founded and co-directed the ubiquitous media art company., 2011 – 2014

Design Lead, Musical System Designer

IRCAM, paris

Series of human-computer interaction experiments with virtuosic musicians. The goal was to create an intelligent music machine/environment capable of co-improvisation live in concert alongside musicians from diverse backgrounds. A collaborative project between the Musical Representations team at IRCAM, Paris and a group of internationally acclaimed musicians visiting matralab, Montreal.

Montreal and Paris, 2010 – 2014

Computer Music Designer and Technical Director


Direction of a complex machine-improve world premiere at the avant-garde music festival.

Montreal, June 2014

Research Associate


Investigation systems that incorporate appropriate modes of interaction to shape sonic environments or theatrical events. Creative coding, system architecture, performance, composition, physical computing, etc.

Montreal, 2008 – Present


Pre-mediations Improvisation Series

Curating an intimate bi-weekly series of transcultural and transmedia concerts and performances focused on open improvisation.

Montreal, 2013 - 2016

Director, co-Founder, Artist


An artist collective exploring alternative modes of presentation with various media. Directed and produced a series of installations and interactive performances in various galleries and festivals across Canada.

Montreal, 2008 – 2010

Teaching Experience (selected)

Instructor, Sonification of Biomedical Data

TUM - Technische Universität München, and

Johns Hopkins Whiting School of Engineering

Advanced research-creation seminars at the laboratory for Computer Aided Medical Procedures at two universities. Weekly online seminars and bimonthly intensive hands on sessions.

Munich / Baltimore, 2015 - 2017

Visiting Professor, Graduate Studies

Arizona State University,

Designed the Syllabus for and taught two Graduate Studies classes at ASU in the school of arts, media and engineering. One on the topic of “Advanced Interactive Sound” and the other was a “Capstone”, an intensive research-creation project class for students in their final year of studies.

Tempe, Arizona, Winter 2014

Visiting Lecturer / Scholar

University of Chicago, Logan Center for Arts

Teach a semester long seminar, broken into two intensive two week long sessions and online lessons on the topic of  "Realtime Media for Alternate Reality Games” with Professor Patrick Jagoda

Winter 2013

Teaching Assistant, Lecturer

Concordia University, Computational Arts

Fully designed the syllabus for and instructed the course Real-Time Video Programming in the Department of of Design and Computational Arts. An introduction to real-time video and computer vision techniques in Max/MSP and other programming environments., Fall 2013

Guest Lecturer / Visiting Scholar

Cambridge University, Centre for Music & Science

Designed and taught a series of Gestural Sound seminars and lead month long research-creation workshops with Georgina Born, Satinder Gill, Sha Xin Wei, and Michael Montanaro.

Instructor, New Music and Responsive Media

Hexagram, Concordia University

Tutor and teacher at Topological Media Lab, and Matralab’s  renowned Max/MSP and Responsive Media introductory and advanced courses open to non-students.

2012 - Present

Music Instructor, Classical/Contemporary Guitar


2003 – 2011


  • Concordia University, Interdisciplinary arts, PhD candidate

  • Concordia University, Electroacoustic Studies, BFA


2005 – 2010

  • McGill University, 9 graduate studies credits in Music Technology
  • Interaction Design Master Classes with Dan Overholt, Oboro, Montreal


  • Performance Diploma, grade10 ARCT in Guitar Performance, Royal Conservatory of Music, Ontario, Canada                                  

2002 – 2006

  • UGDSB, Ontario Secondary Diploma 

2001 – 2005

Awards, Distinctions and Artist Grants (solo or sole applicant, selected)