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Feedback from participants of BBFC 2015
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Gunnar Kaufman (Chemnitzer FC): THANK YOU for this great tournament and for inviting Chemnitzer FC to be part of it. After the tournament last year we thought it is impossible to do anything better - BUT YOU DID! Especially to provide head protection for every team was an excellent idea and great gesture! We know about the big effort you and your crew had to organize this weekend - so please tell every single one of them how much we enjoyed this tournament! Big hugs from Chemnitz.

Shaun Kelly (BFI Dublin): I just wanna say a huge thanks to you and everybody involved over the weekend. From the moment we stepped off the plane in Vienna to the moment we stepped back on it was just special and the memories will stay with us for ever. The organisation yous have put into your tournament is a credit, from the folder on arrival to food, fruit, commentary and the facilities. Oh the pool was also I know I'm missing a lot but we're so grateful to have experienced such an event and the football itself. There's no words to describe some of the players. To witness it first hand was so cool. So again a huge thanks.Thank you for the chance to take part in this fantastic tournament and of course the play against one of the best players in the world! We had a wonderful time and learned loads and we hope to meet you all again very soon!We also loved the great commentary throughout the tournament, top class!

Darren Harris (Worcester): So very sad I couldn't be there. Not only did I miss the chance to celebrate my birthday with people I love but I also missed the chance to play against one of the best players in the world who was scoring goals for fun.

Jörg Fetzer (Chemnitzer FC player): Dear Jitka Graclíková, Avoy MU Brno and all the other organizers and helping hands, thank you thousand times for inviting us and giving us the possibility to being a part of this brilliant event. You all did a very great job!

Andrew Rodens (Five-a-side Anderlecht): AMAZING, is the word that can best describe, this wonderful tournament that we had the chance to take part of! We cannot say how much we thank Jitka Graclíková and our friends from Avoy MU Brno to have invited us to this beautiful , competitive and friendly tournament, Its truly the best we've ever had the chance to participate in! You are all truly wonderful people and we are honoured and lucky to have met you!

Stefan Groenvedl (phototaker from Hamburg): It was a real great pleasure to had the chance to be part of your heart warming event! Thanks for everything. You and all of the participants made my life a little brighter.

Stuart Winton (referee, UK): A fantastic tournament - played in a superb spirt by all players & coaches ....The organisers, venue, hospitality all absolutely '1st class'

Jan Kresta (referee, Czech Republic): Many thanks for inviting me to the event! I have to say I enjoyed the weekend and the tournament you organized was a great success! I have experienced a lot in my life but this was something new to me. Fingers crossed to the following years.

Katja Löffler (FC St. Pauli, player): The best Tournament in the Universe!!! It was a brilliant Tournament again! Thank you all!!! Can't wait for next year!


David Mycock (Worcester BFC):  Thanks! Brilliant work again! The best yet!

Alexandres Wespes (Five-a-side Anderlecht): I am so happy to have participated in your tournament! We just regret we couldn´t join the party. Thanks a lot for all (the T-shirt, the trophey and to have organized that way. That was amazing!!!). Congratulations for us and for all the people who helped you.

Jana Baštová (economist, ZŠ Bučovice): Thank you very much for the superb weekend. There are not so many people who work to make others happy. I deeply respect you and support you as much as I can. Your football skills improved a lot and I hope the next final match will be with you. Regrets to all of you! (partner of the tournament): We were honoured to participate in the event, three days full of authentic emotions. We haven’t experienced yet an event with such a strong team spirit and a feeling we are all in the same boat regardless age, colour of skin or disabilities. We raise the hat to the organizers and thank sportsmen for brilliant performances and a great atmosphere. Guys, see you next year!