Three questions

By Leo Tolstoy

WALT: understand parts of a text from evidences in the text

What three questions did the king have?

1: the right people to listen to his subjects  2: the right people to avoid 3: right people to know what the time is

From what you know, what are things that a good king would do?

Save his subjects, not prosecute people

Is this king a good king? Why do you think so?

I think he is a good king because he listen to someone

What does attentive mean?

Paying close attention to someone

Do you think the great reward is something a lot of people would want? What part of the story made you think so? Give evidence.

Because a lot of people came to answer the king's question


Did the learned men that have the king answers receive the rewards? why?

All the people answered differently and the king did not argued  

Do you think the hermit may have an answer? And do you think the king would or would not give the reward to the hermit? Why?

If the king would not have the right awnsers