How does freedom happen?  By Devon

How does freedom happen? Well, let me tell you, by telling you a story of how freedom happened to our characters.

It all started in Egypt, centuries ago, where all the Jewish people were slaves to the Pharaoh. One day, a baby was born( Moses). 3 months later, Moses’ mother sent Moses down the river. The princess found Moses and Moses’ sister got their mother and she took care of Moses until he was old enough to live with Pharaoh. Years later, Moses saw an Egyptian attack a Jewish slave and Moses killed the Egyptian. Then, he ran away to a town called Midian. There, he married a woman named Zipporah (Jethro’s daughter). And the 2 of them had 2 sons. One day, God talked to Moses through a burning bush. God told Moses to go back to Egypt to free his people. So Moses and Aaron (his brother ) set off to Egypt. The 2 of them confronted Pharaoh and told him to free the people. But it didn’t work, it only made things worse. The 2 went back to Pharaoh to tell him again to free the people or this time there would be a consequence. When it didn’t work, it happened. First, all the water turned to blood. Then, frogs were popping up everywhere. Next, lice came. Then swarming pests came, then animals got sick, then everyone got boils, then hail the size of mini vans came down on Egypt, then locusts came, then complete darkness for three days. Finally, there was the passing away of the firstborns (including Pharaoh’s son ). At this point, Pharaoh couldn’t take it anymore, and he didn’t just free them, he kicked them out. And on the way out, the Egyptians gave them silver and gold. For days they walked through the desert. In the day, they followed a cloud pillar, at night, they followed a fire pillar. Meanwhile, back at Pharaoh’s palace, Pharaoh regretted letting the people go, so he sent an army after them. When the army found them, the wind pillar split the Jews from the army all night. While that was happening, Moses was summoning a wind to split the ocean that was behind them so they could cross. When the sea split the next morning, they started to cross. When they were in the middle of crossing, the pillar moved out of the way, and the army charged. When the army was crossing, the wheels of their chariots got locked in the sand. When the Jews finished crossing, Moses, quickly summoned a wind to bring the sea back together again. When it happened, the army was still crossing when they all drowned. The Jewish celebrated their victory, and then kept on walking. They followed the pillar until they reached a mountain ( Mount Sinai ). It had been 3 months since they had left Egypt. Then Moses tells the people to not go on the mountain. He also tells them for the next 2 days, clean up, and get ready for God who will come on the 3rd day. When God does come, he tells Moses 10 things ( the 10 commandments ) 1. I am Adonai your god. 2. Don’t bow to idols ( statues ). 3. Don’t swear by God’s name. 4. Keep Shabbat holy. 5. Honor your parents. 6. Do not murder. 7. Be loyal to your spouse. 8. Do not steal. 9. Do not tell a lie in court. 10. Do not want what belongs to someone else. The Jewish send Moses to go talk to God. Moses talks to God for 40 days and 40 nights. When he comes back down, he is holding 2 tablets. Each one has 5 of the 10 commandments on it in hebrew. And they shall always be remembered.

So as you can see, freedom happens when we all stick together.