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Charity Helman​I am in Calgary, Alberta.

Dale Plotzki​Lima Peru. GCE1/GCE2. I am our school's tech integrationist

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Jennifer Huff​Missouri

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mpskmsmith​Kathi - Omaha NE

SuperKweil​Work with K-8 students in the Chicagoland area as the district technology integration specialist.

Joanne Gauley​Hi from sunny Gorham, Maine.

Chantell Manahan​I am the Director of Technology at MSDS of Steuben County in Angola, Indiana, and I am also the adviser to our high school student tech team

Keely Geer​Wyoming

Josh McLaughlin​Cleveland, Ohio. Manager of Academic Support

Ge-Anne Bolhuis​Sneaking in while we wrap up the other meeting. 

Leigh-Kathryn Smith​I've been using G Suite/GAFE for about 3+ years. I am running a student-run Help Desk (tech team) - we are in our FIRST YEAR!

Dale Plotzki​@dale_rickardo

Brigitte McCawley​Hello, from Alabama! Roll Tide!! I'm our school's Integrationist and started our first student tech club...Calling it iServe! Glad to be here!!

Chantell Manahan​Twitter @leadlaughlearn

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Ge-Anne Bolhuis​LOVE iServe name!

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SuperKweil​Created technology clubs for students. We are the Tech-Know Kids Club!

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Reed Yancey​From California (Just outside of Yosemite)

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EdTechTeam​Welcome all! @edtechteam great to follow you all!

Brigitte McCawley​Really like the "Tech Know" kids club name...Good idea!

David Myers​Hello everyone!

EdTechTeam​Hey David! Hi Ge-Anne!

Charity Helman​Kern - are your students certified with level one or two (or both)?

EdTechTeam​Great to see familiar community members in here!

Christy Slifkey​Hello from VA, everyone!

EdTechTeam​Do you all have a "Zach" or a tech helper student or group?

Jennifer Huff​@jhuff1201

Ge-Anne Bolhuis​Not yet....still very locked down in my district

Christy Slifkey​I have 6, 8th graders who help with basic laptop computer management.

Dale Plotzki​Come work at our school Zach

Charity Helman​We have a Davis. He is now a Google Certified Trainer, and is the hugest help to the senior high at our school. He is under-utilized and under appreciated though.

EdTechTeam​Davis is great, he has blogged for us before!

Chantell Manahan​My 10 High Tech Hornets help students and teachers in our district with technology, specifically G Suite. They offered some stations on core G Suite tools at our district new teacher acadenmy

Charity Helman​When I interviewed for a tech integrator job last year, I proposed something similar to what Kern does. What a great way to empower students!

Brennan Caverhill​Great ideas!

Charity Helman​Brennan! #TOR16!

EdTechTeam​How are you currently doing tech support in your environment?

Charity Helman​Currently we don't involve students (sadly).

EdTechTeam​Brigitte iServe sounds awesome!

Ge-Anne Bolhuis​In my high school, I am it...

Brennan Caverhill​Shout-out, Charity & #TOR16 - we have a "tech team" at our school (I coordinate it, 1-2 members from every class) who are the front-line of tech issues ... everything else ends up on my desk!

Brennan Caverhill​(PS - there is no "position" for tech-support at our school ... I'm a regular teacher, and manage all our tech (60 ipads, 30 chromebooks, etc) in my "spare time"


Wendy Scott​I teach tech at elementary school. I want to start a tech group of students. We are a small school and have no IT department. Students would be a great resource to help. Thanks.

EdTechTeam​Brennan doesn't have any spare time!

Brennan Caverhill​If you want something done ... ask a busy person!

Amy Hudson Estepp​I'm tech integration and have two network administrators. It's us. We created for next school year a class (it's a "special") for grade 8 students

Amy Hudson Estepp​where we are going to train them so once they reach our high school, they will be out tech team.

EdTechTeam​Awesome Wendy-- it can be tough when there is no department at all! I'm glad you're thinking of starting

Brigitte McCawley​YES!! Our club is now getting more established as students begin to understand what it's all about. The name 'iServe" was chosen to promote service. Hoping to get some good ideas today!

Wendy Scott​I feel your pain Brennan. I do 160 iPads and all the desktops about 60 at our elementary site. Yikes.

EdTechTeam​"What's the worst that can happen? I don't know!" Love it Kern!

Charity Helman​students NEED to see teachers learning! We just had that discussion in our PD COmmittee meeting yesterday.

Dale Plotzki​'rare for students to see teachers learning'. excellent point!

Brigitte McCawley​I tell my kiddos..."I don't know" is a challenge to find out!

EdTechTeam​I love the idea of a class Amy!

Amy Hudson Estepp​These students are going to help us build out the curriculum. It's going to be brand new!

EdTechTeam​Have any of you tried presenting with your students?

Leigh-Kathryn Smith​Even though I'm in my first year, we have gone into various classes at the HS to teach an application (Slides, etc.)

EdTechTeam​Christy your 6 8th graders sound great!

Leigh-Kathryn Smith​And we have spent the day at two different elementary schools welcoming them to "Google-land" (they had just gotten their Gmail accounts)

Chantell Manahan​My student tech team has presented at several state conferences and to other districts via Hangouts/Skype

EdTechTeam​Awesome Chantell!

Dale Plotzki​Living in a poor country, a lot of our kids go out and share their tech skills with other schools and students that are far behind to help close the skills gap in the country

Charity Helman​We talk about providing students with skills for life, and you are definitely doing it for these kids, Kern! KUDOS!

EdTechTeam​Great idea Dale!

Chantell Manahan​One of my tech students got the chance to give an Ignite Speech at last year's Indiana Google Summit

Christy Slifkey​They're learning and a great help getting computer settings changed in a pinch!

Christy Slifkey​I'm hoping to have an elective next year where we can delve into more details so they can begin helping all teachers in the school (I'm the tech teacher).

Brigitte McCawley​I LOVE the idea of student teams going into classrooms to teach an application and want to see more student-designed lessons...powerful to learning!

Charity Helman​Davis keynoted Kylie Kissel's Student Summit - Youth Tech Nation

Jennifer Cauthers​Great chat. Thanks for the wonderful information. Can't wait to get started.

Christy Slifkey​At my prior school, I took a group of 6th graders to present at ISTE in DC (then NECC at that time).

Gilles Theriault​Great live show Kern!

Christy Slifkey​They basically ran a podcasting session for their teachers.

Brian Cauthers​great info

EdTechTeam​Totally Brigitte-- and easy to launch too! You could have a student training tomorrow if you wanted!

Brigitte McCawley​Hmmm...? I wonder if using this book and reaching the certification could be an elective...!!!?

EdTechTeam​Great idea! I'll ask about the certification as well Charity

Charity Helman​+Brigitte - love that idea

Christy Slifkey​Like that idea Brigitte!

Brigitte McCawley​I've already sent a text to my "powers that be" to consider this!! Good luck to anyone else who's going for it!!

Christy Slifkey​I'm composing an email asking for consideration of a tech team elective to start next school year, for our 8th graders! Great minds think alike!

Brigitte McCawley​Woohoo!!

Diane Griffin​Great idea Brigitte!

Dale Plotzki​One of our very very saavy students was able to locate and flag a serious security concern in Drive. No teacher or technologist was even remotely aware of it. incredible!

Amy Hudson Estepp​We have a course for next year in place, but this could be great.


Hollie Sisk​This would be awesome in our school. We are unique that we are a middle/high school so our high school students could take as an elective and get certified and then teach our middle school students!

Brigitte McCawley​Okay...Here I go thinking again...What if the elective included the certification AND a type of "internship"...!? Where students "go and show" how it can be effective for teaching and learning!

Linda Simpkins​I may have missed this - Is there a digital format of the book for the purpose of keeping up with the Google updates that impact the directions in one or more lessons?

EdTechTeam​LOVE internship!

Kacey Reynolds​Late today--tech issues--the irony.

Hollie Sisk​Yes, Brigitte I agree. Training hrs should be implemented too.

Brigitte McCawley​I have the same question as Linda...

batmanfromoz​rubbing eyes, it's 2am here  we are wanting to use drones in our classrooms

EdTechTeam​Thanks for coming Batman!

Wendy Scott​WHat are your ideas for drones??

Brigitte McCawley​Thanks, EdTechTeam...I am so inspired, excited, ready to go for I.T.!!!

batmanfromoz​we provide vocational training and would like students to be able to preview students doing electrical pole work and solar installations etc and beam back to classrooms

Joanne Gauley​Elementary schools? How do Tech Teams work in K-5?

Dale Plotzki​Drone piloting is a HUGE opportunity for learners


Wendy Scott​AWESOME

Charity Helman​Thanks Wendy, Kern and Zach - I have to go teach now!

Linda Simpkins​Thank you for the link!

Jennifer Cauthers​Thanks I am headed out to teach as well. So excited.

Hollie Sisk​About to introduce our PreK class to Chromebooks and the webcam. Then they are going to take a survey on Forms.

Christy Slifkey​I love partnering our 7-8 students with our K & 1 learners!

EdTechTeam​Love the partnership Christy!

EdTechTeam​Share with us any authentic projects that your students might do, like Batman and the solar projects!

SSAjkokladas​In my old district we had started an after school tech team for 5th graders that supported the school, we taught them certain tips and tricks and worked with them in certain apps

Brigitte McCawley​Mentoring young ones is an effective approach to teaching older students empathy and social skills...LOVE it!!

SuperKweil​Kern and Zach, you fellas ROCK! This is really inspiring! Thanks for taking time to share your knowledge and experience.

Wendy Scott​very inspired - thanks

Brigitte McCawley​A colleague and I are wanting to do a G-Suite/Chromebook summer camp for 5th graders, since they will go 1:1 at our school next year. Our mascot is a panther, so we want to call it "Cub Camp!"

EdTechTeam​Love the camp model!

SuperKweil​+Bridget McCawley - love this idea and thinking of doing something like this in my district.

Wendy Scott​love the idea of a summer camp

Karen Jackson​I like the after school programs for middle schoolers.

Kristy Ehlers​You discussed the trust factor with your students. Do you have a set of criteria or a rubric for making determinations about students' level of trust with going out and helping teachers?

SuperKweil​My Tech-Know Kids Club is for 3-5th graders and we meet during lunch. They are students who are interested in using technology and helping others use technology.

EdTechTeam​Love the lunch model Kweil!

Chantell Manahan​Terms of service for Loom---18 years and older only....so great for teachers, perhaps can assist

SuperKweil​[message retracted]

SuperKweil​That mirror reflection sounds awesome! a lot like OSMO's for the iPad. 


SuperKweil​Hangout not enabled in my district (boo)....but I just bought the book (Woot!)

EdTechTeam​Awesome SuperKweil!

batmanfromoz​Excellent. Thanks

Leigh-Kathryn Smith​Thank you Kern!

Denise H. Orndorff​Thanks, great information!!

Brigitte McCawley​Thanks to you all...Great experience!!

Diane Griffin​Yes, excellent! Thank you!

Christy Slifkey​Thank you Kern & Zach. Thank you everyone for sharing your experiences and ideas!

Karen Jackson​My question had to do with a new campus opening up next year. What are the three most important things to start with in a MakerSpace?

Karen Jackson​Thank you!

EdTechTeam​Thanks all for coming!

EdTechTeam​Oh great idea Karen-- one second