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HAPARA Video Tutorials

  1. Dashboard Tab: View files in Drive (under 1.5 minutes):  Learn what you can see, and how you can access docs.
  1. Filter Search (36 seconds) : This tools only searches the file titles in drive for current year students in the selected class.
  2. Sorting Students ( 56 seconds): Change the order in which student tiles appear in the Teacher Dashboard view.

  1. Smart Copy Wizard (approx. 2.2 minutes): Use Hapara's Smart Copy Wizard to push out documents to your students. Use Class Group settings to differentiate.
  1. Smart Copy Usage scenarios

  1. View Shared Folders (34 seconds): View the entire contents of an individual student's shared folder in Drive.

  1. Using Hapara Interact (formerly Remote Control) Tutorial: Teacher Dashboard provides an add-on feature that allows teachers to monitor and interact with students who use Chromebooks or the Chrome Browser.  It allows teachers to:
  1. Video

  1. Remote Control Troubleshooting Guide

Additional Resources:

Frequently Asked Questions (Teachers)

Knowledge Base

When sending tickets to support, make sure to include “Hapara” in the subject line. Also be sure to include the class ID you are referring to, section and period, along with full names of students to be added or dropped.