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For support about how to participate in a Twitter chat, how to join Twitter, or even how to follow the chat without a Twitter account, click here.

New to Twitter and want to connect with a Twitter user and #NGSSchat participant in our Mentor program?  Click here.

Join us from 7:30 - 8:00 PM CST to connect and find supporters who will be available to help you get started on Twitter or answer your chat questions!

Not sure if a Twitter chat is for you? You can come to the live tweetup to watch the chat on the screen and connect with others learning about the NGSS!

Topic:  NGSS Personalized Professional Learning:  Tweetup and VIrtual Session

Sample Questions:

  1.  Share your favorite #NSTA15 conference OR past #NGSSchat experience/learning. Pls share conference pics!
  2. How can conferences like #NSTA15 and/or #NGSSchat help create a space for supporting understanding of the #NGSS?  What opps do each create?
  3. Share how you are incorporating #NGSS into your classroom teaching/learning OR what you hope to learn about #NGSS.
  4. What areas of #NGSS implementation do you feel you need the most assistance with?
  5. What is the most important idea you’re reflecting on from #NSTA15.  Why?
  6. Once you leave #NSTA15, what will be your first step towards improving your practice?  How can #NGSSchat help?