Second Grade

This is a brief outline of the year’s curriculum. It covers our main topics of study.

Reading: Critical Areas of Focus






*Skills will be taught primarily using the Scott  

  Foresman Program                  

Writing: Critical Area of Focus

We primarily use the Collins Writing Program. Students develop skills for the process of pre-writing, editing and revising, and embellishing quality pieces. Writing is carried through all curriculum areas.

Math:Critical Area of Focus  

•Place Value:

-Base Ten notation and properties of operations to add and subtract  through 100

•Addition and Subtraction:

-building fluency,

-mastery of facts 1-20,

-mentally add 10 or 100 to  a given number 100-1000,

-mentally subtract 10 or 100 from a given number 100-1000

•Geometry: describing and analyzing shapes

•Measurement and Data

*Students also learn various strategies which help them with problem solving.

Social Studies:Critical Area of Focus

In Second Grade we use the Second Step Program to teach important social skill topics.

Other topics in second grade are:


                •Continents and Oceans

                •Mexico (a special cultural focus for second grade.)


•Current Events

Science:Critical Area of Focus

•Life Cycles:

butterflies, owls, frogs/toads

seasonal studies

        •Science Labs (experiments and exploration)


        •Outdoor Garden (how topics correlate to our science themes of seasons, life cycles and butterflies.)


Second Grade Favorites:

(extended units of mixed curricular interdisciplinary study)



Biographies (biography quilts),



photo 2-1.JPG

Gingerbread Literature  

Displaying photo.JPG

Comparative study of many Gingerbread Stories and

building of Gingerbread houses/communities