Melee Game Settings:

-Items are set to off.

-Stock and Time are set to 4 stock and 8 minutes, respectively.

-Double Blind*: If elected.

-Contest Port Priority*: If elected.

-Neutral Start*: If elected.

-Standard DSR*

-Gentleman’s Clause*

-Forced Character Selection*: Off

-All characters are allowed.


1v1 Stage List


-Yoshi’s Story

- Fountain of Dreams

- Battlefield

- Final Destination

- Dream Land


- Pokemon Stadium

Stage Bans:

-For Best of 3 sets, each player gets 1 stage ban.

-For Best of 5 sets, each player gets 1 stage ban


2v2 Stage List


-Yoshi’s Story

-Pokemon Stadium


-Final Destination

-Dream Land


-DK 64

Stage Bans:

-For Best of 3 sets, each team gets 2 stage bans. Teams may ban up to one neutral stage and one counterpick stage. One team cannot ban both counterpick stages.

-For Best of 5 sets, each team gets 1 stage ban.


Additional Rules for Teams Play:

-Matches that time out will be determined by the remaining number of lives, then percentage of the current stock. In the event of a percentage tie, the match should be replayed in full. Sudden Death is not to be played, and will not count.

-All sets are best of 3 except for the semi-finals and finals which are best of 5.

-Team Attack: ON.

-Life Stealing is allowed.

-If the game is paused accidentally while attempting to steal a life during any set, that player or team receives a warning the first time, and on the second offense, the opposing team may deem that life forfeit. Wait until the announcer has finished saying defeated before pressing start, or turn pause off prior to beginning the match.


How to Play a Set:

-Players select their characters. Either player may elect to Double Blind.

-Use Stage Striking* to determine the first stage.

-The players play the first match of the set.

-Prior to starting this match, either player may elect to Contest Port Priority or Neutral Start.

-Winning player of the preceding match bans a stage/stages (if applicable).

-The losing player of the preceding match picks a stage for the next match.

-The winning player of the preceding match may choose to change characters.

-The losing player of the preceding match may choose to change characters.

-The losing player of the preceding match gets first pick of port. ---Either player may elect for a Neutral Start, but RPS will not be played to determine first pick.

-The next match is played.

-Repeat Steps 4 through 9 for all subsequent matches until the set is complete.


General Knowledge:

-Players are responsible for their own general welfare in regard to the tournament environment. In other words, players are responsible for:

-Stage List and Rule Set Familiarity

-Venue and Entry Fees

-Arriving on time with controllers and Character Knowledge

-Extreme stalling will not allowed. Any case of such will result in a warning for first offense, followed by automatic forfeit of the match for repeat offenders per the discretion of the administrator. If there is no movement from either player, the losing player is considered to be stalling. Running away momentarily is acceptable, but avoiding your opponent for an extended period of time or the remainder of the match will be considered stalling.

-It is recommended that any disputes be brought promptly and quickly to the Tournament Host’s attention.

-The semi-final and championship sets are best of 5.

-Wireless controllers are banned due to interference, unreliability, and time hindrance.

-Cheating in any form or intentionally sabotaging the game by resetting the game, yanking the controller to freeze the game or hitting the system will result in an automatic disqualification from the tournament.


Term Definitions:

-Double Blind: Either player may request that a double blind selection occur. In this situation,a 3 second countdown can be done to select characters by both parties, or a 3rd party should be told, in secret, each of player’s choices for the first round. Both players are to then select their first round character, with the 3rd party validating that the character selected is the same as their word.

-Contest Port Priority: If an agreement cannot be made as to who gets what port, the players may enact a best of 1 game of Rock Paper Scissors. Winner gets their port selection, loser selects any other port.

-Neutral Start: Either player may enact this rule. Once enacted, both players may only use one of the two “Neutral Starting Positions”. A best of one game of Rock Paper Scissors may be used to determine who gets the higher port. If one player elects to Contest Port Priority and the other elects to Neutral Start, Neutral Start takes priority.

-Standard DSR: A player/team may not counterpick to a stage they have won on.

-Gentleman’s Clause: Any stage may be played on if both players agree to it. This rule takes priority over DSR.

-Stage Striking: Players eliminate stages from the Starter/Neutral list until there is one stage remaining.