Project Ideas

Here are some project ideas, just to get the thoughts flowing…you’re free to pick whatever you like. But, remember, the theme of the final projects this year is on improving the worker experience.

Recommender System for Tasks

Build a system that works on top of a crowd platform like Amazon Mechanical Turk to recommend jobs that workers may want to do. The goal should be helping workers easily find jobs that fit their interests, and provide a wage in line with their expectations, while minimizing search time.

Web Automation

Much of the work done by workers is repetitive and web page loading times make it slow. Build a system that is able to automate some of the routine tasks so that workers are able to focus their time on the tasks that truly need their intelligence and attention.

Survey Assistance

Many of the tasks that workers complete on crowd platforms are surveys, and many of these surveys require workers to fill out much of the same information over and over again. Build a system that records what workers have done in the past, and intelligently suggests it for new tasks that they complete in the future.

Augmented Task Completion

Many jobs on Mechanical Turk are there because AI systems cannot yet do them. This is true of audio transcription, image labeling, essay writing and editing, etc. Build a system that works with crowd workers to complete these tasks with the aid of an appropriate AI. For instance, maybe you would combine speech recognition with the worker input. The end system should allow workers to complete the job faster or easier.