Where I’m From

By Student 24187

Inspired by “Where I’m From” by George Ella Lyon

I am from my dog and cat.

From Clorox and couch

I’m from my bedroom up stairs

It Smells good

I am from the sunflower in my mom's rome

The maple trees behind my fence.

I’m from my aunt’s house at Christmas and rolling veins.

From my Uncle Ryan and Great Great Grandpa Ryan.

I’m from leaving the light on in the bathroom and snacking a lot.

And driving a lot.

I’m from don’t do that and don’t eat that.

And Rock-a-Bye Baby.

I’m from hanging with a friend on Halloween.

I’m from Lebanon, New Hampshire and Australia,

Mom’s Mississippi Mud Pie and Grandpa’s steak.

From Grampa injured twice in the army,

while in Iraq,

the rocking chair that many of my family members were rocked in.