An FAQ for Prospective M.Tech and PhD Students at CSE, IIT Hyderabad

Table of contents:

Questions common to M.Tech/PhD programs        2

Accommodation at IITH and reaching IITH        2

Short-listing/Interview        2

Guide allocation        3

After joining        4

Questions common to MTech (TA) and MTech (RA) programs        4

Questions related to M.Tech (TA)        5

Questions related to M.Tech (RA)        5

Questions related to PhD        6

Unusual circumstances:        7

* This document provides suggestive information only. For most up-to-date information about the graduate-level programs, please check CSE dept website.

*  For all the programs, see most up-to-date curriculum and fee structure 

* The shortlisting/admission criteria for a given admission cycle will be posted on respective admission webpages of PhD and MTech 

* For MTech in Machine learning program, see this webpage

* This webpage may also answer some of your other questions about IITH in general

* If your question is not answered by this document, contact:   for queries related to M.Tech program  for queries related to PhD program  for queries related to accommodation  for queries related to transportation

or call CSE office at  +91-40-2301-7006

Questions common to M.Tech/PhD programs

Accommodation at IITH and reaching IITH

* Can you provide list of hotels/lodges near IITH? 

You can find the list here.

* How to reach IITH?

For directions check this link.

* How much time will it take to get accommodation after registration?

You can get the accommodation immediately after the registration. For further queries regarding the hostel you can contact hostel office link.

* Can I stay on campus during the dates of the interviews?

No, we don’t provide accommodation in hostels at the time of interviews.

* Does IITH provide hostel facility for married students?

        Yes, Type 1 quarters are allotted if and when available.

* Are PhD students allowed to stay outside the hostel?

 MHRD-funded PhD students are allowed to stay outside the campus, HRA will only be given if the student is married or has dependent parents.

* Are MTech students allowed to stay outside the hostel?

M.Tech program is completely residential, i.e. hostel is mandatory. However, if a student has genuine reason like dependent parent, etc can stay outside with proper permission. The decision varies on case by case basis.


*  What is the minimum score requirement in GATE to get a call?

The minimum score required is not fixed. It changes year to year. You can visit here to check the last year cutoff.

* I did not get the call letter even if I fulfill the eligibility criteria?

Kindly email us with the following information :

This will help us check the status and get back to you.

* What can be expected in the interview?

There is no specific format or style of the interview. Candidates may be asked about their background, past projects and questions from any of the subjects in GATE.

* I have not been shortlisted after the interview. Is there any waiting list?

You would be informed through email if you are on the waiting list. So, please do not email us asking about this.

* What is the procedure for selecting the candidates?

Applications are shortlisted on the basis of minimum qualifications. Shortlisted candidates are invited to appear for a written test. There will be further shortlisting on the basis of the performance in the written test. Those shortlisted after the written test  appear for an interview. The written test and the interview are scheduled on the same or consecutive days.

* How many times admissions happen in a year?

Twice. In April for July - December semester and in September for January - April semester.

Guide allocation

Note: Allocation of a guide to a student depends on several factors, e.g., student choice, faculty choice, availability of open position with a faculty and other policies/constraints, etc. Hence, even though the department tries to make its best effort to accommodate the student's choice, the department cannot always guarantee that a particular guide will be allocated to a student.

How is the guide decided for a student in M.Tech (TA) program?

M.Tech is an MHRD-funded program. The guide selection generally happens in the second semester, based on the factors, such as student choice, faculty choice, availability of open position with a faculty, department policies etc.


How is the guide decided for a student in M.Tech (RA) program?

M.Tech (RA) is a project-funded program and hence, the faculty executing that funded-project is the guide for the student admitted under that project. As such, the guide is allocated right in the beginning of the first semester and there is no possibility of changing the guide/project at a later stage. In the admission process, before the interview, the applicants are informed about the projects/research-areas where M.Tech (RA) positions are available. Then, students' preferences for the projects are collected. Based on it and other factors (e.g., faculty choices), a student is admitted under a certain project.

How is the guide decided for a student in the PhD program?

A PhD position can be either MHRD-funded or project-funded. The allocation of a guide depends on several factors, as stated above. The department will explain the guide allocation policy to the applicants before the interview process.

After joining

 * Can I convert from M.Tech (RA) or M.Tech (TA) to PhD?

Yes, depending on the availability of funds/positions

* Can I convert from PhD to M.Tech (RA)?

This is not possible

* Does IITH has an on-campus school, where the kids of students can study?

Yes, for school education of kids of IITH faculty/staff/students, there is an on-campus DAV school for classes PreKG to 6th.

Questions common to MTech (TA) and MTech (RA) programs

* Can you briefly tell the similarities and differences between M.Tech (TA) and M.Tech (RA) programs at IITH?



- The duration of TA and RA programs is 2 and 3 years, respectively

- An MTech TA needs to perform 8 hour of TA duties. An MTech RA performs RA duties, but no TA duties.

- The stipend of MTech RA is higher than that of MTech TA


- Both programs have same number of total credits 

- At the completion of the program, both get the same degree “MTech in CSE”. The only point to note is that for M.Tech (RA), the transcript will provide the grade sheet for 6 semesters instead of 4 semesters

Questions related to M.Tech (TA)

* Can I convert from M.Tech (RA) to M.Tech (TA)?

No, this is not possible.

* What are the TA responsibilities?

An M.Tech (TA) is expected to perform 8 hours of TA duties per week

* What is the degree that will be awarded to the student who completes MTech in Machine Learning (ML) program?

For the students admitted in CSE department, the degree will be "Master of Technology in CSE with specialization in Machine Learning." For the students admitted in EE (electrical engineering) department, the degree will be "Master of Technology in EE with specialization in Machine Learning."

Questions related to M.Tech (RA)

* What are the highlights of M.Tech (RA)? Why should I join M.Tech (RA) program?

 - RA program is ideal for students who are not sure about doing a PhD, but still want to get exposure to research

 - Students in RA program complete courses with slow pace, which allows them to start research right from first semester. Also, the students have no TA responsibility

 - The duration is RA program is fixed (3 year), thus, there is surety of time-bound graduation

 - The stipend of RA program is higher than that of TA program

 - Our RA program has been quite successful and our previous batch of students have had very good publication/placement record.

* After completing M.Tech (RA), is there an obligation to join the company which sponsored it?


* If I am unable to complete my research target in 3 year, is my graduation delayed

No. M.Tech (RA) is a program with time-bound graduation


Questions related to PhD

* Can I join PhD directly after a B.Tech degree


* How long does a typical Ph.D. take?

        4 - 5 years depending upon various factors.

* Does having an M.Tech degree reduces the time required to complete PhD?

It depends on many factors, such as alignment of the research area in M.Tech and PhD, student’s progress etc.  

* For how long is the MHRD funding available?

5 years (generally)

* Can a full-time PhD student convert to part-time PhD program?

Yes, it is possible to do so after taking the approvals.

* Can a part-time PhD student convert to full-time PhD program?

This is not allowed.

* What are the differences and similarities in the full-time and part-time PhD program?



*  Are there any entrance exam or interview for getting into the Ph.D. programme?

        The department may conduct both entrance test and interview. See this page for a sample exam paper. The test will have the syllabus similar to GATE CS. Interview is generally taken on the field of candidate’s interest.

* What facilities can a Ph.D. scholar expect?

Refer this webpage 

* What will be the scholarship amount?

Refer this webpage 

*  What are the documents required for admission?

The offer letter will provide you the details of all the documents required.  

* Is a PhD student  required to do TA duties

Yes, the PhD students are expected to do 8-hours of TA work per week. This may be in the form of departmental duties or course-related duties

* I have done M.Tech from an IIT.  Does it help?

Subject to the approval of CSE department post-graduate committee (DPGC), your coursework requirement may be reduced. Please contact the DPGC.

* How is the research area decided?

Research area will be decided based on the student’s interest and availability of faculty in the area.


Unusual circumstances:

* I didn’t apply for the admission during standard dates? Is there any way to apply now?

No, please wait for next round of admissions. We have Mtech RA and PhD admissions twice in a year so you can apply for that. Check our website for more updates.

*  I am not able to come for the admission test on the scheduled date. Can I appear for the exam on some other date?

No. Admission test cannot be reconducted as we require all applicants to answer the same question paper. Also, the scheduled date for the interview cannot be changed.  It is necessary to appear on the announced date and time.

* If I get selected this session but unable to join now but will join next session, will I have to go through the admission procedure again?



*  Will I be considered for the interview if I don’t have original copy of the certificates at the time of interview?

Please bring photocopies for verification. If you get selected, your admission will be provisional, and subject to verification of your original certificates.

* I have paid the advance fees and have accepted the admission offer. Is it possible to withdraw the admission and get refund?

Any request for withdrawal will be entertained only before commencement of classes. If the withdrawal request is received on or after the date of commencement of classes, the

component of refundable deposits and proportionate dining charges will only be refunded to the candidate.

Note that the application fee cannot be refunded in any case.

*  What is the procedure for the refund of the advance fees?

Fill the corresponding decline form provided in the original offer email to you, and email us the duly filled form, addressing (who are responsible for processing any refunds).

* Please cancel my application. I have attached my payment proof and document for your perusal. Kindly refund my application fee.

Note that the application fee cannot be refunded in any case. 

* Will my admission be cancelled if I am not able to join on the date of registration?

In case of any emergency, you can contact the Academic Section ( and also your supervisor or faculty advisor and take permission for a day or two. The registration may be allowed with some late fee. However, the decision is made on a case-to-case basis, so please do notify us as mentioned above.