Introduction for Charles Stapler

Our guest speaker was born in Washington D.C. before the beginning of World War Two.  At his grandfather’s knee he learned some of his family history.  His father and mother went on day trips to such places as Williamsburg Virginia, Gettysburg Pennsylvania, and Harpers Ferry, West Virginia.  On some vacations he went to places like Mobile Alabama, New Orleans Louisiana, and Dearborn Michigan, the home of the Henry Ford Museum.  Growing up, and living in Washington, he visited the Capitol, the White House, as well as the Smithsonian.

As a livelong student of history and traveler he has visited diverse places such as Pearl Harbor Hawaii, London England, Budapest Hungary, the Panama Canal, and San Juan Puerto Rico.  He has read and studied histories going back thousands of years until the present day, and he believes that this only the beginning.

He has recently been appointed to the El Paso County Historical Commission.

He speaks today on the subject of “Histories Dirty Little Secrets.”

It is my pleasure to introduce Mister Charles Stapler.