(Boston Latin School, 2014-2015)

Students may come to the Keefe Library for research help, to use production equipment and computers, to complete assignments, to work on group projects, or to read and study quietly.

All students must check in with praefects upon entering. Attendance is taken and shared with Masters.

Sign-Up on Pick-a-Time starts at 7:00 p.m. for the following day. Students may sign up for only one slot per day for a study period.

Students may come to the library during study hall with a pass from an Academic Master. Student must present their pass to a librarian upon entering the library.

Pass to Print—Study hall Masters may sign 5-minute print passes for students. This is meant to alleviate early morning printing and give students an opportunity to print work needed that day.

General Library Information

• Library website is

• All e-book and database passwords are available in SIS.

• The Fiction Room is the silent area for all students.

• Group Study Rooms - Sign up in the binder on the front desk.

• No cell phones during the school day; cell phones may be used after school for text messages and research.

• No food, gum or drinks (except water bottles) in the library.

• Scissors, rulers, correction fluid and text books are loaned from the desk and require an ID.

• R5—No study hall sign-up. Students must have a pass from a Master to come during R5.

Books 3 weeks; DVDs 1 week; Digital Equipment varies by item.