Money/No Money Options for Community Action

This in part duplicates the “Action Schedule” page, though that is more politically oriented.  This is being kept separate because it’s focusing more on people and immediate communities. Ok, you will notice this is empty for now.  We’re going to be filling it in more and more.  Right now I’m putting in stuff off the top of my head, but please contact me if you have more/better ideas. Now, about this chart.  Donations are one of the best things to do - literally putting your money where your mouth is.  But not everyone is in a position to do this.  Even if you are, it’s good to budget yourself because this is an ongoing thing.  Hence, a variety of actions, large and small, that everyone can take.

About the content of the chart

This is FAR from done, so bear in mind!  Since this is not a comprehensive list, cross-ref with Joanna Rothkopf’s “A List of Pro-Women, Pro-Immigrant, Pro-Earth, Anti-Bigotry Organizations That Need Your Support” and Patti Mulligan’s “5 Ways to Be a Silent Trump Protester

I've organized this around my “pet” issues, which I think a lot of you may share.  I am white, cis, middle class, bi, highly educated - and thus I am talking to *that* audience.  This is not to erase POC and LGBTQ - this is on purpose.  Those in my group need to clean our own house, so that’s why I’m speaking primarily to them.  If you are in one of the groups below, and want to, please feel free to contact me and let me know if I’ve missed or misrepresented something.  I’m researching, and using my own reason to come up with things to do, what seems like good ideas.  let me know if I’ve missed something or if my good intentions have led me towards bad info.  

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Money/No Money…...GO!

I want to help…..

I can donate money

I need non-money options...OPTIONS, WOMAN!


Trans communities

  • For cis people: Don’t tolerate casual transphobic comments
  • For cis people: Call out hurtful media - and say why
  • For cis people; Read trans blogs/media and share

Bear in mind - I’m cis - if you are trans/enby, please let me know if I’m talking out my ass here, and if I’ve missed something vital (especially something that isn’t tailored towards cis people)

Trans youth

  • If you are able, consider volunteering for crisis lines (there’s usually a volunteer link with info/apps available)

Ditto - but a word about volunteering:  remember this is selfless service.  It’s always about the one in crisis.  As with any human-service task, it may work out beautifully, or it may break your heart.  So consider volunteering (for anything, really) ONLY if you are in a good space emotionally and can spare the energy it takes.  Or, if the volunteer pages call for non-crisis responders, see if there’s any outreach/admin you can pitch in with.

LGBTQ communities

  • Don’t tolerate casual homophobic comments
  • Call out hurtful media - and say why
  • Google Uni: read queer blogs/media and share

LGBTQ youth

  • Seek out positive representation of LGBTQ people and circulate it - especially if you are straight/cis


POC communities

  • Support POC owned businesses whenever possible
  • Donate to scholarship funds
  • Support gofundme’s/community fundraising

How White People Can Support People of Color Now

From one white person to (probably, who knows who’s reading this) another, PLEASE for the love of all that’s holy think twice about what you share/RT about POC.  look at your timelines - yes, you must call out injustice and violence, but are you also sharing images and stories about POC that are positive?  Your POC friends and colleagues are watching.

African American

  •     This is a chrome extension to help find Black-owned businesses (thoughts/comments welcome)  


Indigenous/Native American


Reproductive rights

  • Call your local clinic and inquire about volunteer opportunities
  • Inquire about becoming a clinic escort------->

Clinic escorting is not for everyone.  I don’t know if I could do it, personally.  Here’s an account from one escort. If you decide you can do this, please do all the reading you can and talk to more experiences volunteers.

Water charities

Water safety

  • Learn about your community's water supply - how is it being handled?  How healthy is it?
  • Are there local river/etc cleanups you can join as a volunteer?

Food pantries

  • Buy extra nonperishables and bring them to your local foodpantry/pickup spot  
  • Clear out what you can if you have a full pantry
  • Contact your local offices about volunteer work
  • Don’t waste your damn food

Homeless services

  • Buy extra toiletries, pads/tampons, socks and donate to your local shelter
  • If you have extra of something, give to your local shelter
  • Publicize any drives they hold
  • Inquire about volunteer services
  • Learn about the realities of homelessness (info is out there)

Veteran’s charities

Disabled community

Mental Health Services

Crisis lines

Concrete things to do - broad scope:

Others have already organized (quite wonderfully) concrete actions.