step by step guidelines for presenters

Thank you for participating in IOBMC2015.

As you know, all presentations will be made using Google + Hangouts on Air.

Using Google + Hangouts on Air is easy. Perhaps you have used it before, but anyway we have prepared a short guidelines on how to proceed.


  1. Joining the session
  1. You will receive a Google Calendar invitation  invitation with the timing of your session (check the program). Please, come 10 minutes early to ensure you are online and ready on time -not earlier since another session might be ongoing-
  2. The invitation also contains containing the url to join the Hangouts where your presentation has been scheduled. Click the url or paste it in your browser, it will open Hangouts.
  3. On the right side you will find a text messaging box. Please, introduce yourself by typing there your name and the title of your presentation.
  4. The moderator of your session will be connected. He/she will introduce you when it is your time of presentes. You may check the program to see how many presenters will be speaking before you. Anyway you are requested to attend the whole session.
  5. Please, mute your sound while you are waiting your turn: press the button “Mute” at the top of the screen.
  6. Open the program you will use to show your presentation or ePoster (PowerPoint, Keynotes, Google Slides, pdf Reader etc..). Please, have it ready in advance.

General recommendations

  1. Presenting
  1. You will be introduced by the moderator.
  2. Share your screen. Press the button “Share Screen” on the left menu. It will display a screenshot view of the programs you have open in your computer. Choose the program you use to show your presentation. You can find a couple of tutorials on how to use screenshare in Hangouts here:
  1. How To Use Screenshare Feature On Google+ Hangouts On Air

  2. How to Screenshare in a Google Hangout

  1. Unmute your microphone: press the button “Unmute” at the top of the screen.
  2. Start speaking. You have 10 minutes to deliver your presentation. Thereafter the moderator may ask you some questions on your presentation.
  3. If you are presenting over a slides presentation, please start from the first slide and set “full size mode”.  If you are presenting over an ePoster image, please set it full size and use the zoom to move around the different sections while you talk.
  4. Please, remind all presentations will be broadcasted live and recorded. They will remain available in YouTube.

That’s all. Thank you for your collaboration and enjoy the conference.