Writing With Troy

Based On A Hard Worked Tennis Ball Making Factory Crew In Bangkok

It was another normal sunday In the Mckerras mansion, mum was trying to perfectly shape some cupcakes for her work get together and dad was sitting outside with his can coke and read his novel. Benji was play basketball shoots with Matty and Amelia was in the spa, and me well that is what you are about to read.

 I was just looking at a bird that was so rare that getting attacked by a shark is less rare and there is a better chance that you will get struck by lightning. So I snached a camera off mum’s desk and snapped a photo. Then I rushed to mum and said get your but in the car now, we are about to be rich and famous beyond our wildest dreams. So we drove to the council and said we have the rarest bird in the world on camera. But then when when you think nothing can go wrong suddenly I realised that the camera was flat  so I rushed back home and plug it in but accedently pressed delete all photos with out realising. So when I went back I was so Imbaressed that I was a remake of Fred in the movie Hop. Oh and by the way I completely  recommend that movie for a movie night. Anyway, I got so Imbaresed that that I literally went home and thought about packing and living in the garden. It actually hurts talking about it. But for the rest of that year I learned to always look on the bright side of things, not the bad side because from bad comes worse.

By Sam McKerras