EZL Rulebook - EU Master League Season 2


Table of Contents


  1. Rules and Regulations
  2. Team confirmation
  3. Changing players and team name
  4. Match Rules and Regulations
  5. Match scheduling
  6. Match Results
  7. Match streaming
  8. Role Explanations
  9. League Format
  10. League calendar
  11. Disputes
  12. Frequently Asked Questions
  13. Important Links


  1. Rules and Regulations


All rules are subject to change as needed. Other formats and administrative information are also subject to change as new information becomes available.

                Anyone found to be in violation of these rules and regulations will receive a warning, and after 3 warnings you will be permanently banned from EZL. Admins may ban someone and forego the 3 warnings depending on the severity of the issue at hand. At EZL, we do not disrespect or harass anyone, whether they are a member or not. We show inspiring sportsmanship and we take constructive criticism well; we all have something to learn. All public posts, comments, and chats are required to be PG friendly. Therefore, the following behaviour is not allowed, among other things.



Smurf accounts are strictly not allowed in EZL. Players found smurfing will have their account removed from the team, will be banned from re-joining a team (even on their main account), and are subject to additional punishment.

Teams and players can only apply once. If it is demonstrated that a player is playing on two different teams in the same league, both teams will be punished and banned from the EZL.


All members are required to have the ability to play in draft mode (8 heroes unlocked, level 10 account).


Discord Rules


Captains may use their own Discord servers to schedule practices and the like. All EZL members are required to meet the same standards of conduct in these servers. Non-EZL members are not required to follow these same rules, but if these non-members cause an environment not representative of EZL’s standards, EZL reserves the right to ask them to tone it down.


                All members on Discord are required to have their region and IGN as their discord nickname in the main EZL server, as well as any other EZL servers that you join (like Skillz4Killz - NA). In non-EZL, but EZL-related servers (such as captain servers for training), EZL members are required to have their nickname set as their IGN, as we need them to be identifiable.


Evading a ban with an alternate account is grounds for an immediate ban, as well as additional punishment directly from Discord (ban evasion is against their ToS).

  1. Team confirmation

        In order to have their team confirmed, all players are required to join the EZL BAND as stated on the application form.

        You must contact an EU staff member on BAND confirming team name and roster (all IGNs, correct spelling).

  1. Changing players and team name

        In order to consider a team as the same team and not a different team after roster or team name changes, the team must meet certain requirements. To remain in their league division and not lose any ICE previously earned during the league, a team must meet at least 2 of these 3 conditions:

        A minimum of 3 players have to be in the roster, 5 are recommended.

If you want to replace or add new players to your team, please contact a staff member and send a message with the following the format:

Team Name / League / Region

IGNs Needed to be Removed :




IGNs Needed to be Added :




Extra Information :

Players can only be changed/added at least 48 hours before a scheduled match.

  1. Match Rules and Regulations


All EZL rules and regulations still apply in the in-game party chat while EZL matches are being set up. If there are any issues regarding a player’s conduct, provide evidence and contact a staff member.


Spectators (other than approved impartial streamers and shoutcasters) are strictly prohibited. Any team found in violation of this rule is subject to forfeiture and strict observation in future series, as well as a possible ban from EZL. Members are not allowed to stream their matches, as content creators become more prevalent figures in EZL.


All matches must be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance. Matches scheduled less than 24 hours in advance are subject to go un-streamed, as well as possibly being invalidated and required to be rescheduled. Matches scheduled 72+ hours in advance may be eligible for extra ICE prizes.


If a team is late to their scheduled match, a game win will be awarded 10 minutes after the scheduled time, and a second game win will be awarded at 20 minutes past the scheduled time. EZL staff recommends organizing your team at least 10 minutes prior to your scheduled match time. Please send a message in the in-game party chat to provide evidence of a team being unprepared at each interval, and screenshot the time. Schedules are made by the teams, you are expected to show up on time for a match you scheduled. The members that were scheduled to play in that match are also subject to forfeiture of ICE payouts in future weeks. There will be deadlines dates for each round and matches have to be played before it.


If a draft fails to be completed, all players will be invited again and the draft restarted. The draft picks that were previously chosen must be locked in again. If a draft fails to be completed three (3) times, the offending player will be removed and a replacement will have to be found. If a replacement cannot be found, the offending team will be required to forfeit.


It is a responsibility of all players to have a stable Internet connection. If your match is streamed by select individuals who have been given access to the pause feature, your match may be paused for a maximum of 2 minutes. In order to request a pause, please contact the Head of Streaming on discord by DM.


If a match is completed and there is no record of it (no screenshots, unstreamed, or broken API), the missing games will be required to be replayed, even if they did not affect the outcome of the series. Provide evidence of both your wins and your losses, and there will be no issues.


If a team uses a player that is not on their team, or allows unauthorized access to a player’s account, they will forfeit the match, forfeit any games the offending player participated in, and may be subject to additional sanctions and punishment depending on the severity of the situation.


In the event that a team has less than three players available, they will have to either forfeit the match, or wait for players to become available before the forfeit time. 1v3s or 2v3s are strictly not allowed, as they are a waste of time for the players involved.


If a team has consistent issues with either scheduling or making match times, staff will look into the issue and if necessary, take action to ensure that more matches actually get played. In addition to the above, if a specific member is the issue and is frequently not on time for their matches, they may be subject to punishment.

  1. Match scheduling

        As weekly brackets are single elimination and groups are composed by 8 teams, this implies three rounds. An example bracket is shown below:

Every Tuesday, brackets will be published by the organization.

Round deadlines are as follows:

        Round 1: Thursday at 23:59 CEST

        Round 2: Friday at 23:59 CEST

        Round 3: Monday at 23:59 CEST

        All matches not played by that time will result in 0 points each and a possible ICE penalty.

By default, matches are scheduled by captains agreeing a day and a time. However, if they cannot agree, they may play at fixed times provided by EZL:

Round 1: Every Thursday at 20:00 CEST

Round 2: Every Friday at 20:00 CEST

Round 3: Every Monday at 20:00 CEST

If a captain decides to play at those times, the other captain is obliged to do so. Ordinary match rules and regulations applies.

  1. Match results

To show all match results you are required to use the Bot in the #match-results Regional EU Discord server channel to show your match and mention @staff. If the Bot is down (almost impossible, as it is hosted on a server that costs more than a house) it will be acceptable to try again later. Remember even if the bot is down, the API will work and you can get data when bot is back. If the API breaks then there will be no data therefore screenshots will be required. However, for the majority of cases there will be no need for such actions.

  1. Match streaming


        After both teams agree on a time to play their series, one of the team captains can type their match time at #scheduling in the EZL discord server using two bot commands this format:

In order to have your matches streamed, please provide scheduling on #scheduling channel using EZL bot sending two messages like this:

$sch Team A: <team A name>
        Captain IGN: <captain A IGN>
        Captain Discord: <captain A discord>
        <Team A player 1>
        <Team A player 2>
        <Team A player 3>
        Team B: <team B name>
        Captain IGN: <captain B IGN>
        Captain Discord: <captain B discord>
        <Team B player 1>
        <Team B player 2>
        <Team B player 3>

$tz YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm timezone

Remember that, if you want your match to be streamed, it has to be scheduled with at least 24 hours in advance.

  1. Role Explanations


Region Head:

                Come to this staffer with any and all issues. The Region Head should be available at most times. If there is a player, captain, or staff issue, or rules question, they will try to resolve it quickly to help everyone have a Buttery Smooth Experience in Masters Season 2.

Staff Spectators:

                These spectators are approved to be spectating matches if a stream is not possible. They will help resolve any issues at the time of the matches. If they do not feel they can resolve the issue at hand, they will refer the issue to the Region Head.



                Captains will be held to the highest of standards in conduct, respect, and cooperative attitude. Captains who do not wish to be held to these standards or do not wish to take on the listed responsibilities and more should not apply. Other responsibilities may be added as needed, and may also exist in different sections of this road map.



                Members will also be held to high standards in conduct, respect, and a cooperative attitude. Members also have responsibilities, and those who wish to not have any responsibility may not be the best fit for EZL.



                Community members still have the same responsibilities to keep it clean and follow all EZL rules and regulations, but they do not have any listed tasks. They get to be the fans, cheering from the sidelines, and providing hype and buzz for EZL!


  1. League Format


EZL Masters is a league intended for any competitive team from any skill level.



Duration: 2 weeks.

These matches will be preliminary series to rank teams.

These 2 “balancing weeks” will be played like normal weeks and rules will be enforced like normal weeks, but they will not count towards your final standings and no ICE is earned.

On first preseason week teams will be placed into divisions randomly.

On second preseason week teams will be placed into divisions based on their performance during balancing weeks. Teams will be promoted and relegated in these divisions based on their performances in each week’s first round match. If a team wins, they will be moved up a division. If a team loses in the first round, they will be dropped down a division.

Divisions from top to bottom will be:

        Group Aries

        Group Cancer

        Group Libra

        Group Scorpio

In order to remember which division is on top, zodiac names are sorted alphabetically.


Regular Season:

Duration: 4 weeks.

Each week, a team will participate in a division, competing against 7 other teams in a tournament with three rounds. A team winning all their matches will play the full 3 rounds, and split an ICE payout of 1,250 ICE amongst their players.  Each series will be best of three.

Game 1 and Game 2 will be draft with teams switching sides of draft between each. The team that is the highest seed gets to choose which side of the draft they would like to be on first, if they so choose. Game 3 will always be Blind Pick. Each game will count towards the Standings, which will be used to decide the seeding for the Playoffs. The better the team does during the regular season, the easier the road to the Championships will be for them during the Playoffs.

Division promotion works like balancing weeks.


Duration: 2 weeks.

The 16 teams who win their first round on last week will be seeded into two brackets of 8 teams each, Masters A and Masters B taking into account their divisions.

Top 8 teams determined by the ones who passed first round during last week will be seeded into a bracket. The playoffs will be played in a best of 3 double elimination format. Once you lose, you are in the loser's bracket, but can still reach the finals. Winning gets you into the next round, and closer to the championship. The championship match will be best of three; third game always blind pick.



ICE payouts will be rewarded weekly for winning your division, but the ICE will be paid out after the conclusion of the season.

If a player leaves a team (breaks a rule or leaves for any reason), they forfeit any ICE payouts they may have accrued.


  1. League calendar

        This is the current calendar for EU Master League Season 2:


  1. Disputes

Any disputes made during match times will be resolved by a moderator who is given permission to make that decision at that time. THEY WILL Have THE FINAL SAY! Once they make a decision, that decision will be followed and no complaining any further. You do have the right to file a dispute with the head of EU @Pieter76  and he will invite both captains into a role called Disputes in a private channel with all staff in order to help resolve any disputes. If the decision needs overturning because the moderator made a mistake then it will be resolved. However, as members it is your responsibility to understand, know and follow the EZL rules by reading the Rules and Regulations.

  1. Frequently Asked Questions


Why aren’t spectators allowed?

·      EZL doesn’t restrict teams on which methods they can use to communicate. This also means that EZL cannot tell who is communicating with your team. If another person were allowed to spectate, it could possibly make for very unfair circumstances. A non-player could coach by watching a streamed match (which is shown with a stream delay) or simply communicating in a voice chat with the team without any penalty, but the power to see the entire game live is too abusable.


What happens if both captains don’t schedule their matches?

·                      Both captains get the loss. If this happens often for the same captain or captains, a possible ICE penalty may be applied by the organization.

 When will I receive the ICE?

·                      Between 7 and 10 days after the tournament ends

 Can players be subbed in/out during a BO3 series?

·                      Yes, you can change any player you want; the only prerequisite is that he or she must belong to your team.

Can captains play?

·                      Yes, they can. Just have them in the roster.

Must all team players be on EZL Band?

·                      Yes, it is a requirement.

  1. Important Links


Check out our website! http://ezlgg.com/


BAND: https://band.us/@ezl

Discord: https://discord.gg/Kn32W34


Twitter: https://twitter.com/EZL_Official

EZLBot, the Discord bot that has all your API needs! http://ezlgg.com/bot