BTRN One-day Seminar:

New Challenges and New Perspectives on ELT: The Road Less Travelled

Natal/RN – 20 May, 2017 – FACEX Unidade I


Opening Plenary: 14.00 p.m. - 14.50 p.m. - Auditorium

InterNAtionalizing Educational Practices

Jamylle Ouverney-King


Abstract: The 21st Century teacher needs to be prepared to embrace interdisciplinarity, the diversity and the perspectives that rise in and outside the classroom. The 3rd Industrial Revolution in the late 90s and early 2000 has fostered a continuous process of Globalization with cheaper airline prices, an overflow of technology applied to communication and to education, and a more demanding audience of learners who no longer learn from the classroom experience only. Altogether this has been leading to a hybrid internationalization of educational, social, political, financial, and cultural practices. That means more and more individuals are traveling to and from different continents promoting an endless exchange of practices, intentionally or not. And with that flow come challenges such as working with inclusive education, diverse groups of learners, integrating technology and focusing on the learner’s needs. Collaboration, student centered practices, autonomous learning and a foreign success model, such as the Finnish Educational System (FES), might be overrated but still relevant to minimize hindrances. But the utmost challenge lies on gathering all these concepts practically and achieving educational success. The FES may steer us towards this success through schooling perspectives provided the former is adaptable to local and national needs of the latter.

Speaker’s bio: Jamylle Rebouças Ouverney-King studied the 21st Century Education in Finland (TAMK- 2016), holds a Doctorate in Interdisciplinarity Applied to Human Sciences (UFSC - 2014), Masters in Linguistics (UFSC - 2009), DELTA (Cambridge University - 2009), Specialization in Language, Linguistics and Anglo-American Literature (UFSC - 2004). Teaches English, Sociolinguistics, Interdisciplinarity at IFPB, and is currently consulting for the Secretary of Education in Paraíba State by coordinating the Giramundo Finland Program. Researches about migration, e-/m-learning, multimodality, critical discourse analysis.