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Principal’s Announcements

Good Morning Bear Branch Junior High!  Today is Friday, September 15, 2017.


Announcements this year will begin with a quote, fun fact, or word of the day. The quotes will be a reminder of the six qualities we value at BBJH. Those are respect, kindness, integrity, resilience, empathy and self-control. Today’s quote is about resilience: Resilient people see a problem and immediately think, “What is the solution to this? What is this trying to teach me?”Think about that today and the rest of the week, and do your best to have resilience.

At this time, please stand for the Pledge of Allegiance and remain standing for the Texas pledge and moment of silence.  “I Pledge Allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”  

And now the Texas pledge.  “Honor the Texas flag; I pledge allegiance to thee, Texas, one state under God, one and indivisible.”  

And, now for our minute of silence.

And now for a few announcements…

8th Grade B Volleyball fell short to Montgomery last night with scores of 25-20, 22-25, 12-15.  Great defense was played by Allie Burdine and Dani Kluge and Analese Vondrak led the team in serving aces.  Great effort girls, let's get them next time!!!!

8th Grade A Volleyball fell short to Montgomery last night with scores of 21-25, 25-22, 14-16.  AMAZING defense was played by Krystal Anne Castaneda.  Kaylee Kelton led the team in kills.  Tough serves were given by Viola Mundy, Kelton, and Castaneda.  It was a tough loss, but they fought hard! We will get them next time!!!

"The 7th grade A team swept Montgomery last night in 2 sets. With scores of 25-12 & 25-9. Star players of the game were Mallory Madison, Sydney Holland, Whitney Harper & Ava Anderson.

7th grade B team also swept Montgomery with scores of 25-12 & 25-12. Stand out players were Cheyenne Vaughn, Gracie Spangenberg and Carlee Welch. Good luck to the Lady Bears as they compete tomorrow in the York JH Volleyball Tournament."

Attention students - do you want to see history come alive this summer?  Our annual summer trip to Washington DC and New York City will take place in June of 2018.  There will be parent meeting on Wednesday, September 20th at 6:30 PM in the BBJH Library for all students who are interested in signing up for this amazing opportunity to travel with us this summer.  Reservations will fill up fast, and there is limited space for this trip.  For more information please see Mrs. Courtney Warren in F301.  Hope to see you there!

Did you forget to tell you parents about the England Ireland trip meeting? If you missed our meeting last night, take a flyer home to your parents and have them email Mrs dawn warren to get the info! The deadline to sign up is next week! Don't wait don't forget!  Let's travel together to England and Ireland!!

Please sign up for book club. Sign up sheets are outside the library doors. Hope to see you on Sept. 21st.

Students, DRESS CODE will be enforced throughout the year. Please be sure you follow the dress code at school and at all school sponsored events.

Cell phones, iPods, headphones, and other electronics are not allowed to interfere with instruction during the school day and are not allowed to be visible in the hallways.  Teachers and administrators will collect these devices if they interfere with instruction.  Students, make sure you understand each of your teachers' expectations regarding electronic devices. All collected electronics will only be returned to a parent or guardian at the end of the school day. Up to a $15 fine will be charged for any cell phones picked up by a staff member. Electronic devices can be used before school and during lunch.

Make sure you are getting to class on time. Please use the 5 minutes during class change wisely. There is nothing wrong with being early to class.

Students, this is a reminder that you are not allowed to have your backpacks in classrooms at anytime during the day. Please utilize your lockers. Also, no food or drink, except for water, is allowed in the classroom or hallways.

Teachers, as a reminder, we will taking 3rd period attendance in TAC and on the attendance verification forms. A student aide will come by 3rd period to pick up the forms.

Finally, students, here at Bear Branch JH, we talk about being Great By Choice. We believe that being great isn’t a matter of circumstances; it is a conscious choice. Make the choice today to be great! We are so glad you are here! Let’s work together to make Bear Branch Junior High the best junior high in the state.



Good afternoon, students, faculty, and staff. This Zach Caviness and This is your moment of reflection.  Take the next minute to get ready for the last 2 periods of the day, and to reflect on an important question. During this time, I’m asking for everyone to be silent and to clear your mind of everything that’s going on. I will announce when the minute is over and we will resume 6th period. The question to reflect on today is: When you have difficulties this year, how will you respond? So, for the next minute, please reflect silently on that question: When you have difficulties this year, how will you respond? Your moment of reflection begins now.

Thank you. Please enjoy the rest of your day.