Garden State Green Awards Presentation

Join us as we celebrate this year's deserving honorees.  This group of organizations, teachers, students and individuals will inspire with their ideas and commitment.


Ed Begley, Jr.

Good friend of GreenFest, Ed Begley, Jr. is back!  You'll laugh.  You'll cry.  You'll go home informed and inspired!



Expert Bill Boesenberg and his amazing collection of friends - including 6' water monitor lizard Elizardbeth, 100lb Burmese Python Sernia and 100lb American alligator Blue - explain about reptiles lives in the wild, their habits and habitats, how they find food and avoid becoming food, and their relationships with humans both in the wild and captivity.


Fabien Cousteau

Whether a thousand miles away skiing on top of a mountain or living on the beach, water is the earth's great circulatory system.  Yet this rare and crucial element is often taken for granted because we are seemingly surrouinded by infinite amounts of this precious liquid. Drawing on his thrilling marine expeditions, inspirational speaker Fabien Cousteau shares stories of indigenous Amazon tribes, diving with whales, and pushing the limits of adventure to discover this bond we all share thru water, what it means, and why we should care.