Mountain View School                                                                

Site Council Agenda

September 13, 2016

Meeting One

Called to order at 4:15 pm

In attendance: Gail Miller, Rachel Ayers, Ted Nevils, Dedra Chambers, Daniel Roberts, Tiffany Mitchell, Heather Featherstone, Tracy Anderson

  1. Introduction of members and election of  the council chair
  1. Site Council history and purpose ~ Site Council Summary - Read by Gail Miller
  2. Elect a chair - Dedra Chambers nominated, 2nd, and approved
  3. Elect a secretary - Heather Featherstone nominated, seconded, and approved


  1. Discussion and adoption of by-laws and collaborative norms

Gail M. read through the by-laws and collaborative norms, short explanation where necessary.  Opened for discussion - no discussion

  1. Discuss teacher compensation


  1. Current tax expenditure request for athletics or other clubs

See MVS School Fund 526 for current balances:  Gail shared letter to parents and tax credit request form

  1. Athletics - purchased Basketball uniforms already out of athletics fund
  2. Academic Recovery -
  1. Angela Khashayar Academic Recovery ⅘ asking for $484 (22 hrs @ $22), moved by Gail Miller to approve requested with and added 10 hrs of prep time for a total of $704, seconded, approved.  To be taken from Enrichment Fund
  2. Leah Perry and Norma Nieto - Middle School Math Club - 15 sessions on schedule total of $330 for each teacher (total $660), plus 5 each hrs for planning for a grand total for both teachers $880 ($440 each).  Moved to approve by Gail M. Seconded by Ted Nevils, voted and carried to be taken from Enrichment fund
  3. Science Olympiad - Cassie Strahota.  Requesting $250 for registration fee for competition. Moved to approve by Gail, Seconded by Dedra, passed to be taken from School Designate Fund
  4. Choir - Heather Featherstone. Requesting $22 /hr for 45 hours of choir club after school.  Moved to approve $1232 (56 hours), seconded and approved to be taken from Fine Arts
  5. Art Clay Club - Tina Watts. Requesting $286 for 13 sessions.  Moved, seconded and approved to be taken from Fine Arts fund

  1. District and school updates - Tabled for next meeting
  1. Celebrations
  2. AdvancED
  3. Strategic Plan ~ Focus Groups
  4. Next Meeting: school goals and focus areas

  1. Call to the public for questions and comments

        No Discussion was held

Moved to adjourn at 4:57pm.

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