Beth Crane     

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Technical Skills

  • C#, C/++, Java, Python
  • HTML, CSS, Javascript
  • Emojicode

 Other Skills

  • Self-directed learning
  • Candid (+respectful) communication
  • Customer engagement
  • Asking questions early


  • Cognitive Science
  • Photography (
  • Optimizing organizations
  • Communication patterns


  • Organizer (2015-)
    Seattle Effective Altruism
  • Mentor (2012-14)
    UNSW CSE Mentoring Program
  • Co-President (2013)
  • Councillor (2013)
    UNSW Student Rep Council
  • Student Rep (2011-13)
    UNSW School of CSE
  • Student Rep (2013)
    Engineering Faculty Board
  • Secretary (2012)
  • President/Captain (2012)
    UNSW Quidditch Society

Academic Awards

  • UNSW Engineering Dean’s Honours List (2012, 2014)
  • UNSW Anita Borg Scholar (2013)
  • 4th in UNSW Postgrad
    Machine Learning course


Microsoft - Software Engineer         (2014-)

HoloLens Developer Platform, Microsoft Band

  • Telemetry - defining goals, instrumentation, reporting

  • HoloLens remoting, Unity integration, Perf/power tests

  • Interacting & iterating with customers + partner teams

  • Mentoring developers at Holographic Academies (inc. Build)

  • Speaking & recruiting at universities internationally
  • Rapid prototyping in Xamarin, Cordova, Android

Microsoft - Software Engineering Intern         (2013-14)

Untangled & polished the API that lets Xbox apps enable

speech integration so that it could be published

Google - Software Engineering Intern        (2012-13)

Improved security testing systems on Chrome

UNSW - Tutor, Computer Science        (2010-14)

Leading coursework tutorials for university students

Sunshack Cider - Web Developer        (2011-12)

Developed an ecommerce website


University of New South Wales

BSc Computer Science / Linguistics (Minor)        (2011-2014)


MS Band SmartThings: Android, C# (UWP), Groovy        (2016)

Microsoft Band tile that communicates with a SmartThings Groovy app exposing REST endpoints to turn switches on/off

Weatherworld: Java, OpenGL        (2015)

Graphics app to generate/read/display JSON maps
End-goal is to model weather, and potentially terrain, for a location parameter

A small Solution: Java (Android)        (2014)

App to take cashless payments from street vendors
Co-developed + pitched at a 48-hour hackathon

Home Automation: Developer & Scrum Master        (2013)

Java (Android), Ruby on Rails, Javascript

App interface via webserver to Arduino-controlled lights

RoboCup SPL Research: Python        (2013)

Co-developed + wrote the report over 1 semester

Extending real-time strategy of soccer-playing robots

Book Reminder App: Java (Android), Javascript        (2012)

Scans books and sends reminders to read/purchase them

Traffic + Machine Learning: Java        (2012)

Simulated Traffic Lights learning optimal traffic flow