Blogs on Academic Blogging

Why Do Academics Blog: Peer-Reviewed Journal Article that studies Academic Blogs (hopefully still free)

London School of Economics: Impact Blog (multiple posts)

Prof Hacker: Talking about Blogging in Tenure and Application Documents and Updating Your Website (includes links to other relevant posts about hosting your own site) and On Blogging and Creating a Web Presence.

Tenured Radical: Writing a Good Blog Post

Teaching College English: Education Blogging (multiple posts)

Speculative Diction: Should You Enter the Academic Blogosphere and The Debate on Academic Blogging

University of Venus: Voices in Cyberspace and So You Want to Blog (Academic Edition) and Minority Scholars Cannot Afford to be Silent and What is a Blog Post? and Blogs in Higher Education: Some Benefits and Downsides and Why you, in Higher Ed, Should Blog

Digital Scholarship @ The Libraries (OSU): On Scholarly Blogging (multiple posts)

Tressiemc: The Power of Thinking in Public (currently broken) and Risks and Ethics of Public Scholarship and Theorizing on Women, Academe, Blogging, and Power

The Junto: With Malice Towards None: An Academic Blogging Manifesto

Novel Readings: Should Graduate Student Blog? and In Defense of Academic Blogging and Accept No Substitutes

Patter: On Blogging (multiple posts) and Lessons from Two Years of Blogging

Bavatuesdays: Gulou or, Public Scholarship in the Digital Age (also, the whole blog is great for helping you setup your own blog or domain)

Chronicle of Higher Education: The Virtues of Blogging as Scholarly Activity and Once a Tortoise, Never a Hare

Inside Higher Ed: A Skeptic’s Take on Academic Blogs and An Enthusiasts View of Academic Blogs

Melissa Terras' Blog: Is Blogging and Tweeting about Research Worth It?

Digital Digs: Where Does Academic Blogging Lead? and On the Value of Academic Blogging

Ways of Improvement Leads Home: What Academic Blogging can (and cannot) do for you

Historiann: We’re Gonna Blog like it’s 1399!

Overcoming Bias: Academic Blog Credit?

Ian Bogost: Beyond Blogs: How do Academics want to Read and Write

Academic Evolution: Scholar or Public Intellectual

Workbook: About Blogs

Reassigned Time 2.0: Dr. Crazy Beats a Dead Pseudonymous Horse and Why Write? (A Blog, that is)

Jonathan Dresner at Cliopatria: Blogging The Revolution

College Ready Writing: Why I Blog and Gotcha! How Open is Too Open? and To Blog or Not To Blog

Early Modern Notes: Academic Blogging - Pleasure and Credit

Ana Canhoto: The Performance Review

Student Affairs and Technology: Question about Blogging and Blogging with Grace and Clarity and Blogging at yourname[dot]com 

Provost Prose: Faculty Blogs

Library Babel Fish: Serial Scholarship: Blogging as Traditional Academic Practice

Cocktail Party Physics: Open Lab 2011 - Blogging Comes of Age 

The Urban Scientist: Science, Social Media, and #scicomm and Broadening Participation of Underrepresented Populations science and science communications

Context and Variation: Blogging While Female, and Why We Need a Posse and Sex, Gender, and Controversy and Connect Science with Feminism, Blogs with Research 

Uncertain Principles: Affirmation Means Employment and Blogging is Not Mandatory

American Studies: Blogger, Examine Thyself

The Atlantic: The Best Academic Blogs

Writer’s Web: Effective Academic Blogging

MattMight: Six Tips for Busy Academics

The Life Academic: Blogging Academia

Mainly Macro: Advice for Potential Academic Bloggers

Society for US Intellectual History (s-usih): What is the Status of an Academic Blog Post?

The Guardian (UK): Transcript of a live-chat on The Power and Pitfalls of Academic Blogging

SAGE: The Importance of Academic Blogging

Mark Carrigan: What is ‘Academic Blogging’?

The Immanent Frame: Blogging and Academia

Scientopia: Why Choose to Blog Pseudononymously 

Washington Law Review: Blogging While Untenured and Blogs and Promotion and Tenure Letter

Blogging and Tenure:

Interchange Project: Blogging for Tenure (podcast)

Science: Science Blogging and Tenure

Just TV: Thoughts on Blogging for Tenure

ProfHacker: Talking about Blogging in Tenure and Application Documents

John Hawks Weblog: How to Blog, Get Tenure, and Prosper

HASTAC: Should Blogs Count for Tenure and Promotion?

Shouting Loudly: On Academic Blogging and Tenure

Publishing Technology: Will Blog for Tenure

cgb: Will Blog for Tenure?

Jason’s Computer Science Blog: Including Blogs in Tenure and Promotion

Lauren’s Library Blog: Blogging and Tenure

The Chutry Experiment: Blogging and Tenure

Crooked Timber: Blogging and Tenure

Ancient Hebrew Grammar: Dangers of Blogging

Near Ammaus: Dangers of Blogging, a response

Athabasca University: Documenting scholarly blogging for Tenure and Promotion

mcburton: Blogging for Tenure

Preposterous Universe: Blogging without Tenure

Bill Wolff: On blogging, tweeting, professional and course websites, and tenure

Early Adopters of Academic Blogging:

Ghost In The Machine (circa 1999 but current archives only go back to May 2002)

jill/txt (October 2000)

Instapundit (August 2001)

Rhetorica (April 2002)

Planned Obsolescence (June 2002)

Teaching College English (December 2002)

Wordherders (Group Blog, June 2003)

Little Professor (October 2003)

Scholars Who Blog (Report from CHE June 2003)

Distant Mirrors and the LAMP (Talk from MLA13 about early academic work made available on the web)

Humanities Scholars and the Web: Past, Present, and Future (Podcast on history of academic blogs)

Weblogs: A History and Perspective (about blogs generally, but a perhaps some were “academic”)

Other advice on Blogging:

Sell Out Your Soul: How to Create a Blog That People Actually Read and SEO for Writers ($) and Expand Your Blog’s Reach

#blogchat on Twitter: What is #blogchat?

Group Blogs:


University of Venus

Mama PhD


(All of the above blogs started as group blogs hosted privately and were “picked up” by IHE or CHE)

Crooked Timber

Sounding Out

Hook and Eye

New Faculty Majority

Scientific America Blog Network

A Collection of Alt-Ac blogs

Academic Blog Aggregators:

Science Seeker

Digital Humanities Now

Science Borealis

History News Network (out of date)

Blogging Platforms: (if you are an MLA member) (for group blogs)


Bluehost offers specials for faculty and students (including graduate students)