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Instructions After Laparoscopic Surgery
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Instructions After Laparoscopic Surgery

Wound Care:

        -Ice packs to wounds every hour the first day

-Ok to shower in 24 hours

-no baths or swimming for 2 weeks

-keep wound clean and dry

-do not apply topical creams or ointments

-call if you notice redness around wound, foul-smelliing drainage, or increasing pain


        -Avoid greasy, fatty foods first few weeks

        -Bland, soft meals first day or two after surgery


        -Take it easy for the first 48 hours

        -stairs and walks are fine

        -resume activities gradually over the first week

        -ask Dr Parks before resuming strenuous physical exertions

        -No driving while on pain medication


        -Pain medicine prescription attached for severe pain

        -You can also take Motrin/Ibuprofen 400mg every 6 hours for mild pain

        -Resume your home medications unless otherwise directed

        -To avoid constipation please take Colace 100mg twice a day (over the counter)

Other Instructions

        -Call to make appointment within 1-2 days:  216-831-8255

        -Call the doctor for the following:

        -Feedback on your surgical experience is appreciated!

440-637-4571 (cell)