Year 0 Newsletter

Term 4, 2015

Term 4 Events

Youthtown working with students all term.

Week 1

15 Oct - NZ Shakeout Day

Week 3

28 Oct - Kelly Sports

29 Oct - Inquiry showcase for              year 1 - 6

30 Oct - Mufti day - World cup colours and bring a bottle

Week 4

6 Nov - Soccer Clinic

Week 7 

Student Led Conferences - Y1 - 6

Parent meetings for Y0

Week 8

2 Dec - 9.15am - 11.00am Grandparents/Special person morning

Week 9

10 Dec - Celebration Concert

Week 10

15 Dec - School finishes @1pm

Settling your child

  • have a morning routine
  • help them be responsible for their own things - book bag etc
  • don’t linger and then rush away when the bell goes


  • read to and with your child each night
  • take the opportunity to talk to them about what they have been learning about
  • talk to them about things you are doing at home or work - this gives them ideas for their writing


Please label all parts of the uniform including shoes.  We suggest you write your child’s name on the inside of the hat, on the underside of the rim where it cannot rub off.

Show and Tell

Each class has their own way of doing this, please do not allow your child to bring anything very valuable to school.


Your child will go with their class to the school library once a week.  Help them to keep their library book safe and returned on time.




Student Led Conferences

Teacher/Parent meetings

Depending on how long your child has been at school your meetings with the teacher will vary.  You will get letters or notices home informing you about the meetings. 

If you have something you really need to talk to the teacher about make an appointment. Chatting before school about everyday things is fine but if there is something you need to know about or want to share then make a separate time to do this please.  You can email your child’s teacher if it is an easier way to make contact.  You can also see or contact Karen Allen, Deputy Principal for year 0 - 2

Mrs Kerr

Mrs Koroa

Mrs Tetupu

Mrs Allen 

Keeping in contact

Please make sure the school has

  • your up to date email addresses
  • your up to date phone numbers
  • current address


You need to let the office know everytime you change any details as in an emergency we need to be able to contact you or your other contacts.

Newsletters are online through our website, we put everything on facebook and there is a free school app for phones called Skoolbag.  This is a great app as it sends alerts when things are happening, and you can check it at any time.

Please call the school office on 5770070 or text the school phone on 0211340916  if your child is going to be absent, it is really very helpful.  Please make every attempt to have your child at school by 8.30 to give them time to get organised for the day.  

You will be invited to attend meetings where you meet to discuss your child’s learning.  Letters will be sent home with your child.


Your child will have a blog and private reporting site set up for them by the school. This process of reporting is used for the whole time they are at Elm Park School.  Ms Belinda Johnston is running a workshop on Wednesday 28 October at 2.30 pm - 2.55 pm, where she will show you how to access both sites.  Please come to the Library if you are interested in finding out about this.

Learning at Elm Park School 

Each year 0 class does a mixture of reading, phonics, writing, oral language, maths and developmental.  Teachers take the time to get to know your child and engage them with tasks that are both challenging and satisfying. Your child will go through stages where they are more tired than usual.  Please be aware of this and get them into bed earlier.  

Eating time at school

We supervise the children at morning tea and lunch eating time.  Children are NOT to bring lollies and chocolates to school in lunch boxes.  We are a water only school so children can bring it in a drink bottle or we do have very good drinking fountains they can use.  It takes children a little while to know what to eat and how much so please give us and them time to judge how much they need.  We collect food scraps for the worms and to compost and we recycle plastics and paper.  All other rubbish is sent home.

Welcome to Elm Park School.  We look forward to working with you and your child.

46 Gossamer Drive, Pakuranga, Auckland 2010 * Tel 09 5770070 * email