Apache Camel Review

Apache Camel has been considered to implement routing for the concentrator code for OpenTRV.


Kura is an open source ESB routing component with the following features:

Development environment

Apache Camel requires a Java development environment and can be most easily integrated in that environment with Maven.. It works with most recent JVMs: I tested on JRE 1.8.

Most hello world tutorials found online are more complex than what I would expect so I had to mix a few tutorials to get a very simple example running.

Why should we use Apache Camel?

The routing capabilities of Camel would enable us to simplify some aspects of the code. In practice, it would most likely make it possible to remove all the filter code as this could be expressed through simple routes.

Why should we NOT use Apache Camel?

It adds one additional component to deploy on the concentrator and increases the size of the deployment artefacts.

Next steps