I should always care about my learning

Moko 27.3.2017

I believe everyone should care about their learning.  Because learning will help you when your big. I think it is really important for you to learn but some people don’t like to learn so they annoy other people.If you don’t get an education you will be poor.

Learning is very important for you because it gives you a education so you can get a job and get some money so you can get stuff you want. 

If  you let other people annoy you when  you are learning  you should try to ignore them or move away so you don’t get distracted.

If you don’t get an education will won’t get payed and you won’t be able to feed or clothe yourself or your family.

If you get an education you can get a good job and get smart and be an expert at what you do.

Well done Moko