Smite is love, Smite is life

I was only 14 years old

I loved Smite so much, I had all the skins and voicepacks

I pray to hirez every night before bed, thanking them for the game they have made.

“Smite is love” I say. “Smite is life”

My dad hears me and calls me a nerd

I knew he was just jealous of my obsession to smite

I called him a fat kumbha

He shuts off my computer and sends me to go to sleep

Im crying now, and my face hurts

I lay in bed and its as cold as ymir’s freeze

An icy breeze moves towards me

I feel something touch me

Its Ymir

I am so happy

He whispers into my ear “This is my lane”

He grabs my laptop with his powerful glacier hands and opens up smite

I’m ready

I go into a conquest queue for Ymir

He changes it to league

The league matchmaking sucks, but i do it for Ymir

I start tearing as I see Zapman on the other team

I autoban all adc’s

I want to please Ymir

He roars a mighty roar as he sees Arachne as jungle

My dad walks in as the game starts

Ymir looks him straight in the eyes and says. “Ymir is here”

Ymir leaves through my window

Smite is love, Smite is Life