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  1. DATE
  1. The District 8 Athletic Association Football Schedule shall be played in the months September to November unless extraordinary circumstances dictate a change.
  2. The District 8 Football championship shall be held in the months of October or November unless extraordinary circumstances dictate a change

  1. The locations of the regular season and play-off games shall be determined by available facilities and referees.
  2. The locations of the games shall be as they  appear in the official schedule released by District 8 Athletic Association unless extraordinary circumstances dictate a change. 

  1. There shall be two (2) competitive divisions:
  1. A junior football player must meet the following age requirements - the individual's birth certificate indicates that the player has not reached her 15th birthday by January 1st prior to the start of the school year in which the competition is held.
  2. A senior football player must meet the following age requirements - the individual's birth certificate indicates that the player has not reached their 19th birthday by January 1st prior to the start of the school year in which the competition is held.

  1. The District 8 Football League will consist of one (1) division playing a double round robin (home and away) schedule (unless otherwise determined by the District 8 Board of Directors and/or Seasonal Committee prior to play commencing). 
  2. All visiting football teams are to arrive dressed to play not more than thirty (30) minutes prior to game time.  
  3. The home team shall be responsible for:
  1. Teams will be allowed TWO weekend practices any time after Labour Day.

  1. The playoffs shall consist of at least a semi-final round and championship final round. A final playoff format will determined prior to season play commencing by the District 8 Board of Directors and/or Seasonal Committee.
  2. In the event of a tie for any play-off position, the following tie-breaking procedure will be used:
  1. All Playoff games will be an elimination game, requiring overtime to determine a winner.
  2. District 8 Championship location is to be determined by the District 8 Board of Directors and/or Seasonal Committee.

  1. Expenses and finances of the league will be dictated as per District 8 Athletic Association “By Law Article VII”. Please refer to this for further information.

  1. Each competitor must be eligible under all the rules and regulations outlined in the District 8 Athletic Association Constitution and By-Laws. Schools and coaches should review the eligibility requirements listed in the constitution including the following highlights:
  1. A Junior football player may play in one (1) league game with the senior team and still retain his junior eligibility. A player listed on the roster for a given game is considered to have played in that game.
  2. When a Junior football player plays his second senior league game, he forfeits his junior eligibility and must remain a Senior player for the duration of that season.
  3. Meets the age requirement as listed above in “Section 3: Competitive Divisions”
  4. There will be no limit on the number of players a football team may dress.
  5. For play-offs, a player must have been on the Junior or Senior team roster for at least one (1) regular season game in order to be eligible to play. Once eliminated, from postseason play, a player may be eligible to move up an age category.

  1. The official rule book governing play during the District 8 schedule and play-offs shall be the Canadian Amateur Football Rule Book.
  2. Exceptions to the rules are as follows:
  1. The convenor shall be responsible for obtaining competent officials (preferably from the Waterloo-Wellington County Football Officials Association), and maintaining liaison with them in matters pertaining to the league.
  2. Minor officials will be the responsibility of the home team. These include a timer, a scorer (see 8.10), and a 3- person stick crew. These people should be trained adequately for their duties.
  3. The length of games shall consist of four (4) twelve(12) minute quarters. All ties will be settled using the ‘shoot-out format’ as per Canadian Amateur Football rules with the exception being after the 2nd overtime round, both teams must attempt 2 point converts following a touchdown until the outcome is decided (CAF rule is after 3rd OT round).
  4. The flip of a coin will determine the option at the beginning of the game, of choice of ends or kicking - receiving the ball, or deferring their choice to the start of the second half.
  5. Each team will provide, and use, their own game ball a Wilson CIS leather or Wilson CFL composite, and their own ball person (who shall not be wearing a uniform)
  6. Any player ejected from a game will be suspended for the next scheduled game of his team, in accordance with District 8 Bylaw IV, Section 3, Subsection a).
  7. The scorer for each game must ensure that:
  1. A team will be assessed a 5 yard penalty if a defensive player lines up over the centre in a punt, field goal or convert situation.
  2. For Junior Football Only: Teams are required to use a minimum of 22 players on the offensive and defensive units. The use of at least 22 starters does not include special teams. A team may use a different set of players in each half of a game. Changes in starters may occur for substitutions and because of injury. A player coming off the bench to substitute may only play again in that half on the same side of the ball (offense or defense) which he played prior to that time. An injured starter may be replaced by another starter from the opposite unit provided that this player’s turn is replaced by someone not identified in the 22 man starting list. The two players who play both ways must be identified to the opposing coaches at the beginning of each half, and can be changed only at half time or in the case of injury. In the case of punting and field goal situations, the kicking team must be in kicking formation not under centre.

  1. District 8 will provide championship awards as per District 8 Athletic Association “By-Law VII”. 
  2. District 8 will provide individual awards and all-star awards as per By-Law VII of the District 8 By-Laws; All-Star selections will be determined at the post season coaches meeting

  1. A staff member from each school represented must be present and responsible for the behaviour of his students.

  1. It is the responsibility of each coach to provide for his own team medical needs in accordance with his School Medical Regulations.
  2. Coaches shall provide all consumable medical supplies (e.g. tape, band-aids) for their athletes.
  3. Each school must have a First Aid Kit on site during competition.
  4. Each school should abide by Secondary Interschool sport safety guidelines set out by Ontario Physical Health Education Association (OPHEA)
  5. It is the home team’s responsibility to provide a location of safe refuge in the event of lightning/thunder. In the event of lightning/thunder, the following will be done:


  1. The procedure for all protests, complaints, and suspensions is outlined in Bylaw IV of the District 8 By-laws.

  1. The training and competitive season for a school football team shall be from the first day of the school year in September to the District 8 football championships.
  1. The maximum number of games a football team may play in a season shall be ten (10), excluding post season District 8 play.
  2. There must be a minimum of 72 hours between games as per OPHEA rules.

  1. Voting at the football meetings will be limited to one (1) vote per team entered. Representatives must be present at the meeting to vote. Voting by proxy will not be permitted.
  2. A simple majority of votes will rule.
  3. All changes to the Rules & Regulations must be ratified by the Board of Directors.

  1. It is strongly recommended that the minimum number of coaches required to operate a football program (at a school with two teams) is six.

District 8 Football (Junior/Senior) - Playing Rules And Regulations

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