Read Twice in a Day

Read in a Pillow Fort

Read a Book that became a Movie

Read the Directions for a Game

Read with an accent

Read a story you wrote yourself

Read under the Kitchen Table

Read a book you got at the Library

Read a Magazine Article

Read while eating a picnic lunch

Read in bed

Read to a stuffed animal (or a real one!)

Free space!

Read with a flashlight

Read outside

Read on a roadtrip

Act out your favorite scene from a book

Read a biography

Write a review for a book you have read

Reread a favorite book

Have a reading party (with friends and treats!)

Read a book you don’t think you will like

(you don’t have to finish it!)

Read a book about a place you have never visited

Read for 30 minutes

Read over the phone or computer


  1. Choose a BINGO square and complete the activity inside
  2. Color in that square to show you finished the activity!
  3. Turn it in to Mrs. Whittaker in August for a chance at cool prizes!

Need a Challenge?? Add some Tech?

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