(Revised 04-10-18)


1.  PURPOSE:  The purpose of this Association is to promote the pleasure of golfing recreation among its members.  Play will be governed by the Revised Rules of Golf as approved by USGA and any Local Rules applying to HSV courses.  ALL MEMBERS ARE URGED TO STUDY THE USGA RULE BOOK AND BE AWARE AND KNOWLEDGEABLE OF ITS CONTENTS.


2.  DUES:  Hot Springs Village 18-Hole WGA members will be assessed annual dues of $40.00, which will not be refunded after the first play day.  USGA Handicap Index calculation fees are paid through the POA.


3. NON-PLAYING SUSTAINING MEMBERS:  A Non-Playing Sustaining Member must have been a member in good standing for at least 5 years, will pay a reduced annual membership fee of $10.00, may hold office within the league, will have voting rights if their office within the league if it is a voting office, may attend all social functions for the league and will be listed as a Sustaining Member in the Yearbook.  A Non-Playing Sustaining Member may not play in any tournaments or play days unless her membership is upgraded to a full membership.


4.  MEMBERSHIP:  The membership roster of the 18-Hole WGA Golf League of Hot Springs Village is for the sole purpose of communication with the membership and other golf related organizations.  No portion of the information in the roster may be used for commercial advertising promotion of other clubs or any other venture.  You may be a member of more than one league in the Village.


5.  MEETINGS:  The President shall determine and publish the schedule of Board meetings.  The Board will meet the second Tuesday of each month, January through October at 8:30 a.m.  Changes to the schedule of meeting will be posted at the earliest opportunity.      



6. HANDICAPS:  A current USGA Handicap Index, with a maximum index of 30.5, is required for membership.  A continuing membership supersedes the 30.5 requirement.  When playing in WGA play days, all golfers having an excess of a 36 handicap must play to a maximum of a 36 for that competition.  Only a current USGA Handicap Index will be accepted for play day events.

For new members, a current official index card from any association will be accepted to join, but to participate in play day events a member must have a USGA HANDICAP INDEX through the POA.  EACH PLAYER IS RESPONSIBLE FOR POSTING EACH AND EVERY ONE OF HER ADJUSTED SCORES UPON COMPLETION OF A ROUND OF GOLF.  The Handicap Committee will post play day scores when applicable.


7. PLAY DAY:  Date, course and event as indicated by the schedule:

          a. You may sign up for play 7 to 30 days in advance.  Sign-up applications for Pick Your Partner and the Member/Member will be available on our website.  Tee times, pairings and results may be obtained from our web site at www.hsvwga18.com under the respective tabs.

          b. For cancellations or to be added as a late sign-up, call or email the Pairings Coordinator listed on the web site under the “Play day Information/Tee Time” tab.  Do NOT cancel on Total-e.  


8. MARGARET GRIFFIN INVITATIONAL:  The Invitational is a two-day event.  The format is a best ball event, low gross and low net both days with no more than an 8-stroke differential between partners.  There is a POA mandate that a minimum of 50% of the players be HSV property owners.  Information will be posted on our website in advance of the tournament dates.  Any WGA member may invite any female golfer from inside or outside HSV to play in the two-woman event.  It is not a requirement that a WGA member be part of each team.  WGA members may request invitations be sent by the Tournament Director to other women’s golf associations inside or outside of Arkansas.  All players must have an established USGA handicap or a verifiable handicap by their club professional.


9. MEMBER/MEMBER:  The Member/Member is a two-person WGA tournament requiring each member to have COMPLETED 25% of available WGA league play days (not counting the Margaret Griffin Invitational Tournament) prior to the signup date for the Member/Member. This tournament is funded through a separate player entry fee.  Tournament play consists of a total of five 9-hole match play games over a two day period.  Web signup will be made available one month prior to the tournament with further game details being communicated via all WGA information outlets well in advance of the web sign up.


10. LOW GROSS/ LOW NET CHAMPIONSHIP:  The combined club championship will crown a low gross and a low net champion. There will also be gross and net flight winners. You will be pre-flighted by handicap. This tournament will feature the largest payout of any WGA event. It will be 3 days of stroke play.


11. BLIND SCORE:  For multiple ball events, or when a team is incomplete, a “blind score” may be utilized.  On each play day (other than tournaments) a player with a similar index will be chosen by the Scoring Committee to be in the blind score.  When a team uses a blind score, it will be copied from the original scorecard and combined with the other scores.  The BLIND SCORE PERSON IS NOT ELIGIBLE TO WIN A PRIZE WITH THE TEAM SHE “COMPLETES.”  SHE IS ONLY ELIGIBLE TO WIN WITH HER ORIGINAL PLAYING PARTNERS.


12. PRIZES: 

a. Each play day the Scoring committee will award prizes to approximately 30% of the field of players.  Winners will be awarded points: 5 for 1st, 4 for 2nd, 3 for 3rd, 2 for 4th, and 1 for 5th or more.

b. Points will be assigned a value at the end of the season based on available WGA funds. Play day prize monies will be issued as credit on member POA accounts.


13. TIES: All ties will be eliminated by using USGA Rules for a scorecard playoff.  Currently those are the last nine holes played, the last six holes, then the last three holes, followed by the last hole played. (See USGA Rules and Decisions, Appendix 1 - Local Rules:  Conditions of the Competition, Part B, Section 10, Stroke Play (c).)

14. BIRDIES: Annually prizes will be awarded to the persons with the most birdies, chip-ins and eagles in each of four flights (ABCD).  Flights will be determined by the member’s October 1st handicap index.  Birdies, chip-ins and eagles will only be counted if the play day is completed.  The event must be one in which the member is playing her own ball, e. g. not a shamble or scramble.                                  


15. MOST IMPROVED GOLFER:  To be eligible, a player must have been a member of the WGA 18-Hole the previous year and posted at least 20 scores during the past 12 months from HSV courses listed on the first page of this book.  The most improved golfer will be determined by using the latest USGA handicap revision following the end of the WGA 18-Hole playing year (normally November 1) compared to the USGA handicap revision from the end of the previous playing year, e.g., November 1, handicap compared to the last revisions before the current year’s fall general meeting. The computations will be made in accordance  with USGA Handicap System Manual Appendix H.


16. HOLE-IN-ONE CLUB:  Information is posted under the Hole-In-One tab at www.hsvwga18.com


17. DRESS CODE:  Short shorts, halter-tops, swimwear and other abbreviated articles of clothing will not be permitted on the courses.


18. STARTING TIMES/LATE ARRIVALS:  In an individual stroke competition or an alternate shot competition, if a player or team arrives at the first tee, ready to play, with in five (5) minutes of the designated starting time, she/they will incur a two (2) stroke penalty, and she/they may join their group.  Penalty for lateness after five (5) minutes is disqualification.  If the format of play does not require both partners or all team members to be present at the designated starting time, a player may join her partner or team and begin play at the start of the next hole.  TEAMS MUST USE THE ASSIGNED TIME.  YOU MAY NOT LET ANOTHER TEAM TEE OFF AHEAD OF YOU BECAUSE YOU ARE WAITING FOR A MEMBER.


19. RAIN OUT POLICY:  In the event of rain on a play day, you are expected to honor your tee time if the course is open.  If play is called, points will not be awarded nor birdies, chip-ins or eagles honored.



          a. All members must observe the rules of golf, local rules and golf etiquette. Please remind those who are in violation.

b. Enter bunkers at the lowest point.  Before leaving the bunker, be sure to rake footprints. 

The committee suggests leaving the rake inside the bunker, parallel to the line of flight.         

          c. Please restore divots and repair ball marks.


21. PACE OF PLAY:  Play READY golf and be READY to play without delay.  Continuous putting is encouraged to speed up play.  Groups should be in position and/or in their allotted time according to the Course Timesheet.

          a. The Pace of Play will be assessed by the Golf Course Manager, Golf Pro and WGA Rules Committee according to the game and conditions of the course on that day.  If there are problems with slow play, the group will be asked to please pick up the pace of play.  (Times should be evaluated according to the Course Timesheet and conditions.)

          b. If the group has not closed the time gap after two or three holes, they will be instructed to do the following:                                   

(The assessed one stroke penalty for slow play is included in b and c statements.)

USGA Rules of Golf:  Rule 6-7 Undue Delay, Slow play.

c. If a player becomes argumentative or verbally abusive, they will be subject to disqualification from the game for that day.  The action will be determined by the WGA Rules Committee.

d. If you feel you were not the cause of slow play and wish to appeal the penalty, this may be done in the scoring area with the Rules Committee after your round and must be done before you turn in your scorecard.

Please refer to Pace of Play Guidelines on the WGA web page: www.hsvwga18hole.com The Rules of the United States Golf Association governs play.  Additional Local Rules and Conditions may be found there also.



General:  In accordance with the WGA mission statement and in the spirit of how the game should be played, the WGA expects all players to conduct themselves in a respectful manner both on and off the course, showing courtesy and sportsmanship at all times, abiding by the rules of play and exercising proper care of the course. All participants are expected to know the Rules and accept responsibility for their actions.


Violations: A violation is any conduct such as abusive or vulgar language, temper tantrums, club throwing, knowingly violating the Rules, being disrespectful to other players, etc.  


PACE OF PLAY:  Players are expected to play at a good pace.  The committee will establish pace of play guidelines for each event that all players are to follow.


Penalties for Violations of Code of Conduct:  Any violation of the Code of Conduct will be addressed and penalties rendered based on the severity of the breach. If a player is guilty of a serious breach of etiquette the Tournament Committee may impose a penalty of disqualification from the competition or if a player consistently disregards these guidelines to the detriment of others appropriate disciplinary action will be taken by the WGA Executive Board against the offending player. As a result of repeated and severe violations of this code of conduct the WGA Executive Board reserves the right to suspend or revoke a player’s membership.


Note:  Section I, Etiquette: Behavior on the Course, in the USGA “Rules of Golf” provides a tutorial on the manner in which the game of golf should be played.  Its guidelines will be used as a supplement to this Code of Conduct.