Types of Chat and Discussion Activities

Article Share: Students share, read, and discuss article.

Debate (Pro/Con): Students are assigned to the pro or con of a particular issue and are asked to debate based on that position.

Expert Panel: A group of students are asked to serve as experts on a topic while the rest of the students are asked to question students on the topic.

Fishbowl: A two-week activity where one week a group of students discusses a topic or works out a problem. The following week the rest of the class offers a critique of the work by the original group.

Jigsaw: A two-week activity where students are broken into teams that must tackle a certain aspect of a topic or problem. One week is spent researching the assigned topic or problem in the small group. The second week all the groups are brought back together to bring their individual research for a large group discussion or problem-solving session.

Question and Answers: Simple discussion where students post their own questions and answers.

Role Play: Students are asked to take on a role and then participate in the discussion as that role.

Small Group Discussion: Rather than large group discussions, students are broken into smaller groups to discuss topics.

Student-Led Discussion: Each student is assigned to create and lead the discussion for the week.