SIF New Registration System MINDBODY

It will be easier to register for the first time using a PC or Tablet.

Steps for registration

  1. Check the schedule and decide which classes you would like to attend
  2. Select the Register Now icon
  3. Create an account ( first time use only) located on top right hand side.
  4. Look to the Online Store and select “Classes- Pay in full” or “Classes -2 Payment contract”.
  5. Add to your shopping cart the package(s) you would like to buy. See for pricing details.
  6. Make payment using Mastercard, Visa or Visa Debit. If you want to pay in cash you can attend payment night the Wednesday prior to classes starting, however, you will not be able to register until that time. If you are choosing the 2 payment contact you will be charged half on the sale date and half 4 weeks later.
  7. Very Important final step is to Sign Up for your classes from the Classes icon on your Mindbody home page. TC member can sign up for unlimited classes choose your classes in the order they appear starting with Monday . Choose reoccuring reservation rather than single reservation. This will ensure you are registered for all 8 weeks.

Mindbody App

You may download this app to view a daily schedule and upcoming events

Purchasing on the Mindbody app 

You may only purchase through the app if you are paying in full. If you are paying using the 2 payment contract you must purchase going directly through our website which will be done easiest on a PC or tablet.