The Esoteric Messenger of My Heart’s Desire

She stood alone by the wall,

Carving messages into the stone in a language of her own device.

Concerned, I went to her side

And ran my rough hands down the contours of her serpentine body.

The symbols she wrote were strange and perplexing at first,

Until the patterns started to reveal themselves to me.

She spoke of Aeons of Time, Lovers, and long lost lands

The world had never known until she had written them on these walls.

“Why?” I asked, pressing my lips against hers.

As our chests pressed against one another, and our two hearts

Began to beat in synchronicity, I realized that her story was mine as well.


There I was, Irrational



Circles, ellipses and spheres

Rolling around in my mind

On the bus on my way to work

While I was trying to keep the lights on

In an apartment on King Street

In a city that despised me

So I ran away, I ran so fast

I ran on and on and on

Until one day I fell, y’all

Trademarks like stumbling blocks

In the Holy Bible on theses here streets

I sold out, y’all

I sold out, and I’m sorry.

T.J. Cheverie