Jacobson's FAQ

  1. May I go to the bathroom? May I use the pass? May I get a drink of water? No need to ask. If the pass is available, use it!  If the pass is gone too long, my philosophy is “If ya gotta go, GO!” Just let me know the pass has been gone for a while and I’ll ‘deal’ with the offender upon their return :)
  2. Can I switch seats? Wait until after roll has been taken. Be sure the seat is actually vacant OR you have permission from the student you are switching with.  NOTIFY the teacher! Failure to do so may result in you being marked absent.
  3. Can I get into the habit of playing games in your classroom? Only if you are testing a game you have made.  Done with your work early? Work on the next lesson or project!
  4. Can I restrict access in the front 2 rows with backpacks or by sitting in between others or leaning way back, making it difficult for others to pass, causing them to step on and yank power cords, etc? Can you sense the sarcasm?
  5. Can I turn in late work for full credit? Yes, this is a project based class.  You may be quizzed though if you wait too long.
  6. Can I print ___ ? Are you my current student? How many pages total? Bring the teacher the file on a USB OR attach to an email OR SHARE (Google Docs)
  7. Can I borrow __? Can I have an IOU? Can I have a free __? Offer collateral/trade > value
  8. Do you have a ___ (e.g. glue, tape, paper…)? Be specific! e.g. clear tape, glue stick, index card…  AND be my current student.
  9. Can I keep my ___ in your room? Don’t ask, hide it well
  10. Can I be an aide for you? Go to jnoodle.com and read the Aides link 
  11. Can I have a fork? Did you buy a cup-o-noodle?
  12. Why is 42 so special? It is the answer to life, the universe and everything
  13. If I have a hole in my schedule, early release and/or late arrival and am supposed to leave campus can I just hang in your room instead? Maybe you should change your schedule and be in my class as a student/independent study/aide
  14. Can I just plop into J’s chair any time I like? Can you get out without J asking you to?
  15. Why can’t I buy club fundraiser stuff from you with pennies….?
    No answer I give will matter to you so just go buy from someone else…
  16. Do you have an ibuprofen, Band-aid, Tums? Not allowed to dispense such things to students. But some have stolen such items from my cupboard above the passes.
  17. What did we do last class? What will we do next class? Jnoodle.com! You’re on it right now :)