8th Grade Homework Assignments

This page is updated by 3:00 each day to reflect the most current homework assignments.

If you wish to view previous day’s homework assignments please check Schoology.  


Tuesday --Test geometry

Wednesday -  Outcome worksheet

Thursday - Probability ws due Monday

Friday- CPR in math class - no math homework  

Monday -Mut Exc Probability WS  **Quiz Thursday 3/22


Tuesday - Worksheet (yellow book page 302)   #1-16  (Wed #17-42)

Wednesday -  Worksheet (yellow book page 302)   Wed #17-42, bonus 44-48 even

Thursday - Problem Solving ws 306, #1-2, 5-14 bonus: 4 & 16 due Monday

                        SOLVE ws due Tuesday

Friday- CPR in math class - no math homework **Test Wed & Thur 3/21 & 22

Monday -  Worksheet Side T/71 do #1, 5, 9, 13, 17,21, 25 (NONE at bottom)

Side P/28 do #1, 2, 7, 8

Lang. Arts

Any work not completed by the end of class becomes homework for the evening!!

Monday-The Diary of Anne Frank Act I, Scenes IV & V-; HW: AOW

Tuesday--The Diary of Anne Frank Act I Review; HW: AOW

Wednesday--C.R.A.A.P lesson with Mrs. Fay; HW: AOW

Thursday--The Diary of Anne Frank Act I Quiz HW: AOW

Friday--Anne Frank Nonfiction Readings Jigsaw

Lang. Arts (H)

Any work not completed by the end of class becomes homework for the evening!!

Monday--Symbolism Masks; HW: AOW

Tuesday--Act I, Scene V Comparision; HW: AOW

Wednesday--C.R.A.A.P lesson with Mrs. Fay; HW: AOW

Thursday--Act II, Scene II; HW: AOW & Act I, Scene I

Friday--Figurative Language and Compliments


Study Quizlet Tonight

Quiz Wednesday


Quiz Thursday

Complete the review, #1-35, pages 300-302 and all of page 303

U.S. History

Please look in Schoology for all materials. Please note that all materials are now located in the SEMESTER 2 Folder

Monday,3-19-2018: Unit 9, Lesson 5: Students performed an inquiry and tested their hypotheses as to why Texas declared independence in 1836.

  •  Student have to complete their classroom reading on the Mexican and American perspectives of the Mexican/American War...due on Tuesday.
  • They also have to complete work from Friday that is due this Wednesday (pp. 362-368) reading that can be found in Schoology, Unit 9. There will be a quiz on Wednesday over Manifest Destiny, so all work will need to be completed by that time.

Tuesday, 3-20-2018: Unit 9, Lesson 6: Students will examine photos from the Gold Rush to determine what life was like in that time. Students will also research one of those groups to further their understanding of what life was like for specific groups in the Gold Rush.

  • Homework: Complete the timeline from last Friday by reading pp 362-368 found in Schoology
  • Students must finish their Manifest Destiny Vocabulary Sheet

Wednesday, 3-21-2018: Unit 9 Lesson 7: Students will take a quiz over Manifest Destiny. After the quiz, students will get into groups and will “Pack Their Wagons” for a trip on the Oregon Trail :-)

Thursday, 3-22-2018: Unit 9 Final Lesson: Students will be grouped into “Wagon Trains” and will play the Oregon Trail Game!!

Friday, 3-23-2018-Friday, 3-30-2018:

Happy Spring Break!!

No Homework

 Current Events

Finish your Junior Scholastic packet


Rotation Art: No homework

Studio Art: Sketchbook due every Friday - Directions on Schoology!


Practice your Solo & Ensemble Music. :)


Solfege for “You Are the Music in Me”


Introduction & Rules - Rules signature due by Friday for full credit


Wrapping up our desk caddy project - all materials due Thursday 2/22

Starting Bruin Quencher project Thursday 2/22


Study pronouns and conjugations of “ser”

Health & Wellness

Gym Friday

Music History

Read Week 2 Packet. Be prepared for discussion Thursday