OMG! It's Venom!

"Someday I will kill you! In this era or the next, I will kill you!"

Age: Mid-twenties

Weapons: Claw on the left hand, Bandan Jiraihou

Fighting Style: Dosha no Bouheki

Allies: Enishi and the Six Comrades

Enemies: Kenshin and his friends

First appearance: Revenge Arc

Biography: Mumyoi doesn't like to be seen by anyone. In fact, it's the law of his family that whoever sees him must die. That's why he's after Kenshin. Kenshin saw him in the Binding Forest when he was trying to rescue Tomoe. Mumyoi vowed to kill him someday after Kenshin defeated him in battle. Because he was defeated by Kenshin, Mumyoi thinks the Yatsume family name has been dishonored and also seeks to kill Kenshin for this reason.

Personality Profile: Intense dislike of being seen. Arrogant due to his body's special abilities.

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