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In addition to books, points for the YRR Reading Club can also be earned

by listening to select sermons.  You may choose any from the links

below.  Record the name of the sermon and the speaker on a blue card

from the library and mark how many minutes you listened.  

RBC sermons -

Some recommendations (found under the “Select a Series” menu):  

Christianity Explained (Pastor Fred)

Doctrines of Grace (Pastor Fred)

Exodus (Pastor Boyd - current series)

Heaven (Pastor Greg)        

Answering Arguments Against Faith in Christ (Dr. Craig Biehl)

(to get the first message in the series, be sure to set the selected

 order to “Ascending”)

Camp Impact messages -

Some recommendations:

from 2014 - Jesus our Great High Priest - Seth Fuller  

                 Jesus is King of Kings - Andrew Hobold

 Two Men Went to Pray- Harry Fujiwara

                from 2013 - Joshua, Judges, Ruth - George Brooks

 The Life of Christ - Parker Moore

       The Death & Resurrection of Christ - Charlie Moore

Ocean City Bible Conference -

        Some recommendations:

                from 2014 - Don Whitney - If God Is For Us, Who Is Against Us?

    Phil Moser - Strongholds: Breaking Free from the Grip of Sin

    Ed Moore - Prayer (1 Kings 18:41-47)

(sermons from other years are available under the “Resources” Tab)