Chapter 22

The Ripple Effect: A Story of the Transformational Nature of Narrative Care

The Later Story, page 354-365

政大圖檔所 陳勇汀

2013, May 23

Could a narrative approach be the key to effecting deep, transformational change in a variety of context?


活動策劃:「讚揚我們的人生 (Celebrating Our Stories)」

── a narrative program at York Care Centre (老人看護機構)

  1. 記錄者組成:每4個月組成一班約4-6位記錄者,包含不同的職員與志工
  2. 錄者訓練:半天的訓練,包含敘說實作練習、記錄工具教學、訪談與編撰技巧、倫理與情意面的訪談經驗
  3. 品產出:將特色故事與照片製成15到20分鐘的投影片(slide show)
  4. 果展示:每個月都舉辦「故事分享會(narrative ceremony)」,邀請家人與朋友、職員與志工等來觀看他們的故事。
  5. 果彙整影片:每年的投影片都會製成DVD,給其他職員及典藏到圖書館。

漣漪效應 The Ripple Effect

意義建構與成長 Meaning-Making and Growth

Many have been inspired to begin telling their own stories and to connect with members of their family to further this process.