Rothert Huskies Adoption Policy

General Information

Rothert Husky Adoption Policy is as follows. All of my dogs are AKC and will have their first (6 week) shot and have been dewormed before they leave to go home. All puppies are sold as "pet quality" and I will give you limited AKC registration unless you specify to me that you would like full AKC registration. There will be a $100 charge for that. My pups are $600 normally and then $700 if you want full registration.

The difference between limited and full registration is whether or not you are wanting to breed your husky and/or show your husky. You will then need to have full registration. If he or she is just a family pet and you are planning on neutering or spaying your pup then limited is all you need. I do not claim to have "show quality" dogs. All of my dogs are beautiful animals that I want to see go to good homes, but I do not keep track of championship lineages within my dogs.

Deposit and Adoption Policy

I DO NOT take deposits until the puppies are born. That way I know exactly how many puppies I have available. Deposits are $100 and I take deposits on a first come, first serve basis. I find that to be the fairest way to handle things. I can take down your email address and keep you posted on the next litter. By giving me your email address you will be among the first to know when my puppies show up, even before I post it on my website or Facebook. I will ONLY use your email to give you updates on the litter(s) and to give you information about micro-chipping and other services that I provide should you choose to adopt from me.

Once a litter is born I will usually send out an email letting you know how many puppies I have, colors as best as I can tell, sexes and how many of each sex. Eye color I cannot tell until the puppies eyes have opened and even then eye color can change for up to 6 months.  After you receive that email from me, please give me a call at the number provided and I will let you know what I still have available. If you do not hear back from me, I probably do not have any puppies still available.  If you do not hear back from me, I probably do not have puppies still available.

Health Policy

I guarantee for one year, from the time of purchase, against genetic and hereditary defects (provided I get vet documentation of course). If any of the above problems are diagnosed by a licensed Veterinary, seller must be contacted within 5 days of the diagnosis. If the seller's Veterinary agrees with the diagnosis, the buyer will be given the option of a partial refund or replacement of the puppy (from my next litter), not to exceed the purchase price of the puppy. All shipping, health certificates, crates and any other charges for returned or replaced puppy will be at the buyers expense. If the buyer decides to keep the puppy/dog, the buyer must send the seller a notorized letter stating that they are keeping the puppy/dog and stating that the seller is not responsible for any Veterinary bills in the future. There are some things I cannot guarantee against, including worms, because puppies can pick those up from anywhere.