Customer Service Charter

Customer service is everyone’s responsibility.


Who has never been a customer?  ComSpark insists on putting the customer first.  As customers ourselves, we expect the best for our investment, no matter how small, and we know our customers expect the same for their investments.


ComSpark has a dedicated estimating team ready to provide the most accurate and cost effective solution available. Our team excels in both hands-on and estimating experience.  We guarantee our estimators:

Project Management

We guarantee the commitment and experience to keep you on the critical path to an exemplary outcome.  We are committed to meeting your milestones within the:


ComSpark offers service flexibility that is second-to-none.  We understand your working hours and will meet those needs by fitting the job into a time that will cause little or no disruption to your operations. We guarantee to offer a solution to complete all jobs with the least possible impact on your business.


ComSpark has adopted techniques to seek out the very best in both recruiting and training of technicians within our organization.  Not only to improve our efficiency; but to give you ‘more than just electricians’.  We guarantee to provide the most skilled labour available.


We are committed to keeping up-to-date, providing all our customers with the latest technology, installation practices and regulatory compliance in all aspects of business.


We are committed to providing the best, most polite and punctual service to all our customers based on our core values: PRICE

We are committed to turning customers into clients. We are committed to repeat business.  We are committed to letting our customers and clients do the marketing for us.


We are committed to good housekeeping.  We run a “clean as you go” policy.  No job is completed without a thorough clean up while we work and when completed.  Our commitment to cleanliness will seem to our customers as though the outlets/fixtures we installed were always there.


ComSpark is committed to after-sales service and will conduct repairs for any issue that may arise due to faulty parts or poor workmanship.  To minimise the need for rework, all installations are tested to the highest standards using the latest and most up-to-date technology.

For everyone’s peace of mind, we are committed to providing all test results to all customers for all jobs.  For example, we guarantee:


We are committed to providing our customers with accurate and understandable invoices.  We guarantee our customers will receive all invoices within a week of completion of the work.  All invoices include:

Customer Satisfaction

We are committed to improvement at all times.  We survey each customer on either a per-job basis for smaller customers or on a monthly/quarterly basis for our larger clients.

Customer Feedback

Feedback, be it positive or negative, is an invaluable tool for any business and we are lucky to receive it.  If we don’t receive feedback how can we judge how we are performing?  We guarantee to appreciate any feedback and deal with it:

We endeavor to turn any complaint into a compliment.

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