Just frustration


The exhibition Just frustration presents artists Ester Fleckner (DK), Rachel Maclean (UK), Imran Perretta (UK)  Louise Haugaard Jørgensen (DK), Amel Ibrahimovic (DK), Hanne Lippard (UK), Chloe Seibert (US) Curated by Tom Clark and Iben Elmstrøm.

Just frustration, proposes frustration as a ground for artistic production. Apathy and recognition in the violence of a structure that raises both. Frustration that at the same time as a feeling, takes aim at the entrenched ideologies, local specificities, and claims for global progress that bind the everyday. The artists in this exhibition call attention to particularly colonial and imperial European–historical paradigms, which are continued alongside social and economic crises, and the conservative crusade of ‘common sense’: where futures seem to be permanently seen from the perspective of a past of outwardly and inwardly expressed fear and appear only to withhold and repeat the dogmatic values with which the old Man of Europe has shaped its relation to the world.

If the artists in Just frustration invoke these already frustrated conditions and the inevitable relation to the world from which they arise, it is in emphasising old hegemonies and histories: not simply as a cynical reaction, but in drawing toward the shared and divisive arenas of objects, movement, and affect that have tangled together this seemingly permanent present. Just frustration then, draws on the work of artists who ask how these conditions might be nuanced or distorted, made apparent (again), or held in common, or otherwise: Exploring various narratives, performance, and material–metaphors of the contemporary as a historical moment, the artists offer a fleeting, but cohering point of contact where the specifically situated and global concerns meet or overlap to challenge our ability to overcome this past as present.

Copenhagen. August, 2015

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(Chloe Seibert, 'I am at a loss for words' 2013)