CTDS Meeting Minutes 10/3/2016

In attendance: Derek Brown, Sharon Westlake, Margaret Granbery, Suzanne Ford

Anniversary Dance: BUMC approved a potluck and afternoon dance; Steve is working with talent to see if they could play/call for longer. CTDS will thank/honor past helpers with a flier. Margaret will try to form a sub-committee to deal with logistics; potential members were discussed. The Board agreed to go ahead and announce the date via social media and at the next dances.

Treasurer’s Report: see attached

October Dances:

October 8: Evan Kinney and the Fly By Nights playing and Matt Hawkins calling. George will run sound and Heather will host.

October 22: Christie Burns will play and Charlotte Crittenden will call. We will have a Halloween theme with snacks, decorations, and costumes (and maybe a costume contest). Sound and host will need to be confirmed.

Future Schedule: Derek will confirm dates with church. The Board decided to go back to one dance/month for the summer months (June, July, August).

Publicity: Suzanne entered listings with the TFP, Pulse, and American Towns. George created a FB event.

Outreach and community building: Suzanne offered a few ideas from an organizer workshop she attended in Atlanta. She suggested that we participate in some way with MainX24 and will contact the organizer to find out the logistics. Derek will follow up with Heather re: student outreach. The idea of a student outreach subcommittee was discussed - the Board would provide the student members with materials to distribute on their campuses.

Next Meeting: Monday, November 7 at Yellow Deli at 6 pm.