#107 - The Angry Chicken: “Boom Bot vs. Annoy-o-Tron!”

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Boom Bot vs. Annoy-o-Tron Brawl

Originally I thought our decks would just be full of both Annoy-o-Tron and Boom Bots. But the Heroes are Annoy-o-Tron and a Boom Bot.

Playing as Annoy-o-Tron

Hero Power: Hello! Hello! Hello! - Give your lowest attack minion Divine Shield and Taunt.


Spider Tank, Micro Machine, Zap-o-Matic, Iron Sensei, Cogmaster, Enhance-o Mechano,, Repair Bot (which made a Zapomatic unkillable for me), Shrinkmeister, Robo Cub, Gnomeregan Infantry, Ogre Ninja, Cobalt Guardian, Thermaplugg


Recycle, PW: Glory, Bolster,


King’s Defender

Playing as Boom Bot

Hero Power: Boom Bot Jr. - Deal 1 damage to 2 random enemies.


Mechwarper, Mad Bomber, Madder Bomber, Zap-o-Matic, Youthful Brewmaster, Flamecannon, Soot Spewer, Demolisher, Shadowbomber, Crush, Darkbomb,, Both Shredders, Harvest Golem, Bomb Lobber, Dr. Boom,


Twisting Nether, Bouncing Blade,


Ogre Warmaul

Boom Bot’s deck is definitely more RNG-heavy than Annoy-o-Tron’s.



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