Connect to the Komets Cloud from Apple MacOS

First, you need to download the “Microsoft Remote Desktop” app from the Mac App Store (The red App on the far left in the image below).AppStoreRDP.jpg

        Next, launch the “Microsoft Remote Desktop” application and select “New” and fill out all settings shown in the image below.  You can choose custom resolution, whether to launch in full screen, etc.  Make sure to put your username and password (As show below).RDPNewConnectSetup.jpg

When you have configured the connection and are ready to use it, close out of the “New Connection” editor with the red “X” in the upper left corner.  This will take you back to the main RDP application and you will see your newly created connection.  Select it and click “Start” to launch the Cloud.  You should automatically be logged in and the Cloud desktop is ready to use.